EMSOL secures prestigious Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust Tender

Following a competitive tender, EMSOL has won a contract with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Foundation Trust (GSTT). The significance of this win not only showcases GSTT’s ongoing commitment to clean air, but also demonstrates EMSOL’s excellence and expertise when it comes to providing air quality solutions.

GSTT is one of London’s most iconic landmarks, and one of the largest trusts and hospital sites in the UK. In June 2023 GSTT published its first Clean Air Plan detailing how they planned to address the issue of pollution and reduce emissions, cementing its dedication to clean air.

Air Quality Manager at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Tanja Dalle-Muenchmeyer, has stated:

Clean air is essential for our health and the health of the planet… Monitoring is one of five focus areas. This includes air quality monitoring on our loading bays using EMSOL, which enables us to focus on our own contribution to local air pollution levels & act to reduce our impact.

For EMSOL, this contract also includes expanding the EMSOL platform into Kings College and Royal Brompton Hospitals for a minimum of 4 years with a 2-year extension provision.

Of course, winning competitive tenders isn’t just about delivering on promises. For EMSOL, this is just the beginning. The focus will be on continuing evolution and innovation to secure its place as the first real-world emissions-based platform.

Heading for a greener NHS

As more NHS Trusts focus on reducing emissions, EMSOL joins the NHS at the forefront of the battle for clean air.

EMSOL will supply air quality monitoring sensors for loading bays. This will enable GSTT to strategically address critical sources of pollution.

Loading bays are notoriously busy with idling vehicles, leading to emission of pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

EMSOL technology will monitor the air quality and provide real-time insights and data to GSTT so they can take quick corrective action to reduce high-emission areas.

Clear skies ahead

We live in an era where air quality intertwines with public health. There is a moral and ethical imperative to start monitoring air quality, and more and more NHS Trusts are beginning to understand their operational impact on air quality.

EMSOL’s vision and technology plays a critical role in unlocking the NHS’s ability to meet its green targets.

Successful new pilot deployments in sites at Cambridge, Bradford, Taunton, Southend, Watford and Milton Keynes NHS Hospital Trusts have cast the spotlight on EMSOL’s unique ability to work alongside NHS Trusts.

EMSOL’s mission is bold: harnessing their platform for real-time emissions monitoring and reducing emissions.

Ultimately, EMSOL’s success in this competitive tender is more than a victory for the company. It’s a victory for innovation, healthcare, collective well-being, and clean air. EMSOL is committed to driving change to transform the climate change landscape.