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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EMSOL work?

Head over to this PAGE which explains the basics of how EMSOL works, or CONTACT US for a no obligation product demonstration.

How is EMSOL different from our current monitoring installation?

The problem with existing monitoring installations is that simply log retrospective average data. Spikes are missed and there is no useful context to understand what may have caused them. EMSOL’s realtime monitoring can notify staff when a spike occurs so that action can be taken, and our camera technology provides a record to understand what happened, so it can potentially be mitigated in the future.

How quickly can I get EMSOL set up at my site or facility?

Great news! Installation is typically a quick process when carried out by our experienced engineers. Typically equipment is installed onto lamp posts using the post’s power supply.

How secure is EMSOL’s data storage?

EMSOL uses enterprise-grade Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and protects data by design.

Which devices does EMSOL work with?

The EMSOL portal is consumed using a standard web-browser. We provide a lightweight interface for adding information from site, where bandwidth is limited.

How do you measure air quality and noise?

We measure particulate matter (PM), NO2 gas and noise levels by installing our sensors at your site.

What makes EMSOL unique compared to the competition?

EMSOL’s USP is threefold:

    • Actionable. Identifies specific root causes of pollution at the source and provides real-time insight making our pollution data actionable. The inclusion of video analytics in our technology means you have ‘eyes on’ pollution issues to confidently attribute pollution events and take action to reduce them.
  • Preventative. Early warning notifications to the user enable preventative action before a problem emerges so you can avoid exceedances of company, government and international pollution standards.
  • Simple. EMSOL’s Platform insights provide a simple way for customers to use scientific-based data to understand what is happening on their site, or across the supply chain. Previously, understanding pollution and actually reducing it relied on historic and untargeted data. We provide ‘need-to-know’ air and noise pollution data, offer enhanced insights for better attribution and deliver the ability to evidence improvement and compare performance with environmental standards.


What is a typical EMSOL deployment?

A typical deployment includes air quality and noise sensors, camera technology and our cloud-based platform. We install, maintain and suport the equipment during the contract.

Can EMSOL work across multiple sites?

Yes, EMSOL multiple facilities or sites can be accessed from your single user login.

How many users can access the EMSOL platform?

During deployment, we set access rights for EMSOL that define exactly who can log into the platform. Different users can see different views depending on those access rights.

Can EMSOL help companies monitor supply chains?

Our camera technology allows you to retrospectively record he presence of your own fleet and supply chain on the site when spikes occur.

EMSOL Locations

Find us. We’re located in central London, within the Sustainable Workspaces hub for sustainability and innovation-centric start-ups. It’s 25 Lavington Street, London, SE1 0NZ.

The EMSOL Lab is based at Unit 55, Battersea Business Centre 99-109 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5QL.

Call us: 020 3982 9440
Email us: sales@emsol.io

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