How EMSOL works

EMSOL deploys air and noise quality monitors, along with camera technology to provide insight on air and noise pollution issues, root cause identification (including supplier impact), mitigation recording and improvement evidencing.

How data is collected

Data collected from these sources is collected in real-time and 24 hours a day. It’s sent to be aggregated and analysed in the EMSOL platform before being sent to our customer via the EMSOL portal and via instant SMS alerts, where required.


What we measure

proactive about pollution (4)
We measure particulate matter (PM 2.5 and PM 10) and NO2 gas and noise levels by installing our sensors at our customers’ site or sites. A typical deployment includes air quality and noise sensors, camera technology and our cloud-based platform.

What makes EMSOL unique?

Our portal gives customers the power to identify root causes of emissions issues on their sites by identifying ‘peaks’ of pollution that we call pollution events. We use unique camera technology which allows you to retrospectively record the presence of your own fleet and supply chain on the site when the spikes occur. The EMSOL platform combines data, images and video, so you can attribute pollution events to specific site or vehicle activity.

Three patent pending features in our portal also enable customers to:

Monitor supply chain performance

Evidence regulation compliance

Comparison to environmental standards

Prove progress on air quality commitments

Track mitigation effectiveness

Find out how EMSOL can help your organisation with emissions control.