How Does EMSOL Work?

EMSOL installs air and noise quality monitors, along with camera technology at your facilities.

Data collected from these sources is collected in real-time and 24 hours a day. It is sent to be aggregated and analysed in the EMSOL platform before being sent to our customer via the EMSOL portal and via instant SMS alerts where required.

Identifies the root causes of emissions

Our portal gives customers the power to identify root causes of emissions issues on their sites by identifying ‘peaks’ of pollution that we call pollution events. We do this by providing data, images and video to attribute pollution events to specific site or vehicle activity.

A whole range of patented features in our portal also enables our customers to:

Monitor supply chain performance

Evidence regulation compliance

Comparison to environmental standards

Prove progress on air quality commitments

Track mitigation effectiveness

Find out more about how EMSOL can help your organisation with emissions control with a no obligation demonstration.