Improve air quality on construction sites

Simplifying air, dust and noise pollution management, control, attribution and reduction.

Politicians, the media and the public agree that emissions reductions is a top priority of our time and with 23% of all pollution originating from construction all eyes (and fingers) point towards the construction industry. As a result, sustainability in construction has risen to the top of agendas with most firms pledging improvement commitments – but managing pollution and evidencing progress is complicated, expensive and a drain on resources.

EMSOL are working with big brand construction names such as MACE, Hansons and Balfour Beatty to simplify pollution management and to put proactive management and control measures in place. We bring to the top of the enormous data pile the pollution events of significance, providing insight and reporting on the effectiveness of mitigations taken so you can focus resources and go on to evidence your real-world emissions improvements.



Our easy-to-use data insights save you time, and improve your margins

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Reduce volume, duration and cost of work stoppages by identifying pollution sources in real time

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Show tangible health benefits to your local community with clear evidence of the impact of deliveries on pollution

How Mace used EMSOL to reduce air pollution on an urban redevelopment project

Mace was selected as the prime contractor on a build project in the heart of the London School of Economics (LSE) campus.

Mace wanted to understand the impact of construction vehicle traffic on air quality during a major urban development project. 

EMSOL worked with Mace, the LSE and contractors Hanson to monitor and actively reduce air pollution. 

How EMSOL helped the LSE, Mace and Hansons take control over pollution

Implementing EMSOL enabled the following reductions:


Reduction in NO2


Reduction in CO2


saved per breach in investigating trigger alerts, reducing delays and costs.


saved per year on-site

How EMSOL empowers you
to improve air quality

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Identify real-time site pollution sources with our powerful dashboards 

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Exclude non-site pollution not caused by your activity 

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Deliver targeted, specific evidence for enforcement action 

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Predict noise and pollution trends and take action before you breach limits 

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Enable mitigations to improve air quality

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Reduce complaints and build stronger relationships with your community by taking action before problems emerge

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