About Us

Established in 2017, EMSOL’s mission is to help our customers take steps every day to make a lasting difference in reducing transport pollution.

Senior Management Team

Helping our customers take steps every day to make a lasting difference in reducing transport pollution.

freddie talberg CEO EMSOL

Freddie Talberg

Founder and CEO
Experienced founder and entrepreneur, with a long history of establishing and scaling businesses across the technology sector. These include transport, smart cities, and mapping. Freddie previously founded Pie Mapping, an award winning transport, data and mapping SaaS venture that was acquired by DPD UK.
Mark Wilson CTO EMSOL

Mark Wilson

With a proven track record in the design and build of global platforms, Mark is responsible for the technology powering EMSOL's market-leading platform. His previous projects covered global digital transformation, acceleration of big-data projects in the Fintech space, and a start-up venture into the mobile-enablement for trades.
Damian Willingale EMSOL COO

Damian Willingale

Head of Operations
Damian began his career 25 years ago in the Technology sector, an industry where the pace of innovation and growth has been unparalleled. He has been at the forefront of this growth, enabling some of the top brand names in the country to keep pace with all that new technology has to offer. Damian oversees all EMSOL deployments to deliver on our mission.

Caroline Overton

Head of Marketing
Caroline joined EMSOL in 2019 and has 10 years of experience helping businesses to achieve improved growth. As a former fast jet navigator in the RAF, Caroline works well under pressure, bringing discipline and flexibility to the marketing capability at EMSOL.

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Teamwork EMSOL

We’re building a team of like-minded individuals who not only want to drive results, but are also genuinely passionate about our product and the positive effect it will have on the environment. We’re down-to-earth, very driven, and enjoy having every member of our small team contribute to our success. We look for trusted partners who will thrive in the flexible but focused culture of our autonomously structured organisation.

Career Opportunities

We are always interested in hearing from people with experience and expertise in the sustainability and construction industries who are passionate about EMSOL's mission. Currently, we are looking for senior talent within sales and welcome CVs to sales@emsol.io

Innovation and Design

We are driven by innovation and design and will continually strive to build a great business through creativity and curiosity.

Transparency and Efficiency

We are transparent and open with how we run our business. We make mistakes, share them and learn from them, all while keeping the business lean and focused.

Customer Focus

We keep our customers always in mind and welcome feedback, from building new functions to perfecting the user interface. Our goal is to continually delight our customers.

Team Empowerment

We are genuinely passionate about empowering our team members, whether it’s ensuring everyone has a voice in the business or providing new opportunities to learn and grow.