Empowering Retailers to Reduce Their Environmental Impact

Are you struggling to reduce your emissions and demonstrate sustainability progress?

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EMSOL Enables Retailers to Reduce Pollution Without Disruption

EMSOL provides retailers with targeted data and insights to reduce supply chain pollution without operational disruption. Shine a light on problem areas, quickly optimise routes, engage stakeholders, and enhance your reputation as a sustainability leader.

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Cut Emissions from Your Supply Chain


Pinpoint pollution sources like idling delivery trucks


Optimise supply chain efficiency while working towards sustainability KPIs


Demonstrate commitment to eco-conscious consumers


See higher than expected financial returns on climate initiatives (Ernst & Young)


Customers are switching to companies who promote sustainability (IBM)


Impact on air quality would influence choice of fleet operator (Kings College)

How EMSOL Benefits Retail Teams like John Lewis Partnership

Supply Chain Directors gain visibility into emissions across transport, logistics, and suppliers, enabling them to dentify and address problem areas.

Sustainability Managers get access to granular data to set baselines and incrementally work towards goals.

Fleet Managers can meet sustainability targets without disruption or an impact on fleet efficiency.

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Greenwashing Hasn’t Gone Away

Greenwashing Hasn’t Gone Away

From wildfires and heat waves to storms, torrential rain and landslides, environmental issues are top of mind for most. Individuals, investors, and even regulators are now, more than ever, holding businesses to a higher degree of accountability and demanding...