Take Control of Your Waste and Recycling Site Pollution


Get real-time visibility and actionable insights to simplify regulatory compliance, prevent disruptions, and be a responsible community partner.

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How EMSOL Can Help Waste Management Teams


Pinpoint Pollution Sources

Automated Compliance and Simplified Reporting

Evidence Sustainability in Action

Regulation and Community Pressures Solved

Are compliance burdens, residents complaints or demonstrating progress towards sustainability goals giving you headaches?

See how EMSOL is helping waste and recycling leaders take control through:

  • Ensuring compliance with EA licences
  • Helping to avoid unnecessary disruption to operations
  • Facilitating better relationships with the Local Authorities and your local communities
  • Reducing the impact of your operations on the environment

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How EMSOL Has Helped Reduce emissions

Case Study: Powerday Cuts Pollution During Peak Hours​

Waste Management Chris Batterbee, Powerday working with Emsol

The problem? Recording, attributing, reducing and reporting waste and recycling site emissions is challenging, complex, time consuming and expensive.

EMSOL cuts through the noise to identify events of true significance. Our intelligent monitoring platform spots pollution peaks, connects insights to causes, and quantifies the impact of interventions.

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