Waste Management

Simplifying air, dust and noise pollution management, control, attribution and enforcement

Ensuring waste operations in your Local Authority are managed safely and responsibly with minimum impact to surrounding communities and the environment is crucial.

Private waste businesses need to ensure their pollution levels are monitored and controlled to:

  • Ensure compliance with EA licences
  • Avoid unnecessary disruption to operations
  • Protect their workers
  • Facilitate better relationships with the Local Authorities and communities around them
  • Reduce the impact of their operations on the environment


Waste Management Chris Batterbee, Powerday working with Emsol
Emsol Waste Management anonymous stats

EMSOL is working with Local Authorities, waste partnerships and waste management companies such as Powerday, Reston and NJB to proactively reduce and manage site emissions

The problem? Recording, attributing, reducing and reporting emissions is challenging,  complex, time consuming and until now – expensive.

EMSOL is working with Local Authorities to simplify emissions management. We bring to the top of the enormous data pile the pollution events of significance, providing insight and reporting on the effectiveness of mitigations taken so you can focus resources and go on to evidence your real-world emissions improvements.

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Waste Management Resources

Smart Waste Cities

Smart Waste Cities

Local authorities are under pressure from residents to control the emissions levels of these  facilities that are often embedded within urban communities. The businesses that own the problem are keen to manage emissions and minimise the impact of their operations but...

Waste Management Case Study

Waste Management Case Study

Powerday 'wastes' no time reducing pollution In a UK first, Powerday are using leading edge, innovative technology to proactively reduce air and noise pollution at one of their waste management facilities on Weir Road, London. Change is so often driven to save an...

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