EMSOL Continues to Champion Quieter, Cleaner Cities with New Govt-Funded Noise Monitoring Project

Jul 9, 2024 | Blog

At EMSOL, we’re always excited to be part of initiatives that make our cities healthier and more livable. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest project in collaboration with Cross River Partnership (CRP) and Southwark Council, funded by DEFRA’s Smarter Greener Logistics programme.

This new venture sees us installing a noise monitor on Rotherhithe New Road to assess the impact of traffic and construction noise on a nearby primary school and local residents. Over the next six months, we’ll be collecting and analysing data to help inform strategies for a quieter, healthier London.

This isn’t our first project in Southwark or with CRP. We’ve previously worked with Southwark Council to monitor construction impact at a local site, ensuring that development doesn’t come at the cost of community wellbeing. Our partnership with CRP has also seen us tackle noise issues at loading bays, another crucial aspect of urban logistics.

Moreover, our recent collaboration with Grid Smarter Cities, Impact on Urban Health, and Southwark Council on the innovative Kerb Dock river freight project showcased our ability to provide comprehensive environmental monitoring. By leveraging our advanced sensors and analytics, we were able to attribute pollution events to specific freight activities, empowering local authorities and operators to implement cleaner practices with confidence.

This latest project on Rotherhithe New Road is a natural continuation of our commitment to creating smarter, greener cities. By focusing on the impact of noise on school children and residents, we’re addressing an often overlooked aspect of urban health.

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