EMSOL Exceeds Crowdfunding Target

It’s been an exciting time at EMSOL. Not only have we closed our latest public Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, but we have exceeded our crowdfunding target. Exceeding a crowdfunding target is a remarkable achievement for any company, let alone a startup company that is only six years old.

Surpassing our crowdfunding target not only demonstrates investor confidence in EMSOL, but also highlights the strong market demand for the company’s mission and goals.

The crowdfunding target was exceeded by 112%, adding 321 investors to EMSOL’s growing base of support.

Validation of Vision

Whilst scaling up any business is challenging, especially in the current economic landscape, EMSOL continues to grow and communicate its vision and goals.

Developing, creating, and implementing real-world solutions to address air pollution is not only about technological advancement and climate change.

It goes beyond that.

Tackling air pollution is about human health and social equity, and it requires a collective and coordinated approach.

Collective Commitment

Beyond financial gains, surpassing the crowdfunding target EMSOL set symbolises a collective commitment to addressing environmental challenges and building a sustainable future.

The Rt Honourable Lord Deben, one of the UK’s most prolific climate change leaders, has commented on EMSOL’s achievement as ‘simple yet remarkable’.

Lord Deben goes on to state that:

‘[EMSOL’s] proven technology… has given an answer to one of the key issues of health and indeed of climate change – we need to know where the pollution comes from and we need to know who is causing it? EMSOL has got the answer’.

Lord Deben’s testimony not only validates our purpose and mission, it also strengthens our resolve to make a positive contribution to reducing the impact of climate change.

Exceeding the crowdfunding target isn’t just about raising funds (although funding is vital!). It’s a resounding validation of our work, and the belief of our shareholders who are willing to invest in our solutions.

Acceleration and Innovation

Every crowdfunding campaign amplifies our impact. It enables EMSOL to accelerate its services, expand its reach, and increase its visibility.

In real terms, it ultimately means more sensors deployed in critical areas, better data collection, and more informed decisions for policy makers, businesses, and individuals.

At EMSOL, it sometimes feels like we’re racing against the clock. Air pollution is a fast-growing problem. It’s dynamic and ever-changing, and this means we need to move at pace and innovate quickly and efficiently.

Having shareholders invested and interested in our service is key for future growth and creating a positive feedback loop. The funding raised helps us to continue to deliver a quality product. This in turn means our backers are happy, and they then go on to become brand advocates for cleantech and a profitable but impactful business.

With the support of our investors, we can drive positive change and contribute to a cleaner, greener world.