EMSOL helps build communities
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EMSOL delivers technology solutions which empower our customers to take continuous action on sustainable urban growth.

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EMSOL Creates Healthy Communities

Urban communities are under greater pressure than ever to remain healthy due to multiple historical factors like noise and air pollution from complex, high volume urban supply chains and more recently due to COVID-19. It’s harder than ever to balance acceleration back to previous levels of growth while improving air quality, reducing noise and managing infection rates.

Imagine if it was possible to grow rapidly AND create healthy communities with specific intelligence and evidence supporting steps to improve every day.

That’s EMSOL.

EMSOL - targeted action to reduce pollution

Take Steps Every Day to Achieve Air Quality and Net Zero Targets

EMSOL gives corporates, their supply chain and their logistics operations the visibility and evidence they need to reduce pollution by delivering clear, targeted, actionable pollution breach evidence with attribution to specific vehicles.

Take Steps Every Day to Improve Air Quality​
Simplify Noise Breach Enforcement - Reduce noise pollution

Simplify Noise Breach Enforcement

EMSOL directly attributes noise breaches to offending vehicles and deliveries in real time, enabling continuous noise reduction and evidence of improvements to the local community.

Make Workplaces Safe for Team Members
and the Local Community

EMSOL delivers accurate, real-time evidence of adherence to the most current COVID-19 worksite distancing, hygiene and infection-tracing guidelines ensuring that workplaces get and stay COVID-free.

EMSOL WorkSafe Trace - COVID infection tracing and social distancing

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