Empowering you to improve urban air quality

Reduce air and noise pollution on your sites with EMSOL’s targeted data insights

Identify the exact sources of air and noise pollution with our powerful dashboards

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Improve community relations by taking action before you breach limits with our real-time alerts

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 Grow sales as well as your margins with clear evidence of how you’re improving urban air quality

Just some of the trusted businesses using the EMSOL platform to create a cleaner local environment

Protecting respiratory health

Supply chain activity is one of the biggest sources of air pollution. But it can be hard and expensive to take action, especially in fast-growing, complex urban supply chains. 

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Transform how you manage site pollution

Our pioneering data analysis and insights  are quick to set up, easy to use and work with your existing technology systems. 

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Improve air quality on construction sites

EMSOL reduces site pollution and limits work stoppages due to pollution breaches. All of which improves community relations while increasing revenue and reducing costs.


Achieve clean air
targets in retail

EMSOL pinpoints which vehicles on sites are polluting in real time. This enables you to take targeted action every day to reduce air and noise pollution, fast. 

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