Taking control over emissions is difficult

Compliance teams are under-resourced and over-worked, stuck behind the curve with unspecific and retrospective emissions breach data. Even the latest, most expensive monitoring systems aren’t fit for purpose.

Imagine if instead, teams could get real-time, specific evidence about emissions breaches delivered straight to their mobile. So they can pinpoint the problem the moment it becomes a problem, and take specific steps to improve air quality.

That’s EMSOL.

EMSOL empowers small teams to make a big difference.

  • Delivers specific, granular evidence to support enforcement
  • Enables precise, targeted action to reduce emissions every day
  • Simplifies compliance; makes it easier to be environmentally ethical
  • Smooths the relationship between business and local authorities
  • Pre-empts and safeguards against tougher future regulations
  • Unlocks value from legacy monitoring hardware investments

How does the EMSOL Solution Work?

Cross-site, cross-fleet and
cross-authority views based on access rights

Powerful, flexible dashboards with
ad-hoc reporting and real-time notifications.

Real-time pollution and asset
location data aggregation and analysis

Flexible, open and secure data acquisition

A Better Environment Starts Here

A selection of EMSOL customers

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