How does it work?

Our web-based dashboard is connected to a network of sensors that monitor air and noise pollution. The dashboard and sensor deployment is tailored to your site or premises. Track up-to-the-minute local emissions picture, or view across various sites, to target your work on taking air quality action.

Product benefits

  • Enables targeted actions/mitigations
  • Empowers small enforcement teams to have disproportionate impact
  • Delivers actionable evidence for remediations or fines
  • Gives visibility and control for businesses and local government
  • Health and Safety compliance verification

Croydon selects EMSOL to reduce construction site emissions

London feels like it is constantly being rebuilt; nowhere is that more evident than in Croydon which has 11 multi-million pound developments in process during any given month. The resulting pollution and congestion that these sites cause is a serious concern to local communities and the traveling public.

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