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Welcome to EMSOL

We are a data-focused air and noise pollution monitoring solution that enables businesses to drive interventions based on live data to reduce road transport pollution. We call it 'Emissions as a Service.'

Emissions as a Service

Our web-based dashboard is connected to a network of sensors that monitor air and noise pollution. The dashboard and sensor deployment is tailored to your premises or site. You get a full and up-to-the-minute local emissions picture, including key times and places for you to maximise the impact of air pollution interventions.

  • Achieve environmental goals through a prioritised action plan based on up-to-date and reliable data.
  • Help your site and company achieve industry-recognised accreditation, such as the Freight Operator Recognition Scheme.
  • Demonstrate your impact on reducing local pollution to the community with a meaningful means of engagement.
  • Lead the industry with the next generation of emission monitoring and reporting requirements.
  • Engage your staff and contractors in reducing the impacts of their work.

Looking for a challenging and rewarding career in environmental technologies? We are recruiting!