EMSOL exhibits at the MOVE2020 start-up village

EMSOL exhibited at the MOVE2020 start-up village this week. The show is an important event in the calendar, where key influencers in the disruptive technology and innovation space come together to discuss the major city mobility challenges.

This year, sustainable mobility was one of the key watch-words of the show, with big brands such as IKEA, Deliveroo and UPS sharing their vision for net-zero and climate positive policies. 

It’s great to hear visionary strategies from leading market players and that they are engaged in the next decade of environmental-based changes that need to happen.  

But behind the big announcements is a messier reality – planning an all-electric fleet in a decade overlooks the environmental impact happening today.

Businesses need to ensure timely deliveries to customers and the supply-chain is vital to keep the economy and life in cities going. Suspending operations until electric vehicles come along is not an option. Neither should waiting for zero-emission vehicles. Our challenge to these companies is to think about how they are evidencing and innovating their approach at delivery points and at their depots. We have a solution that’s ready and can provide targeted insights, that will enable to directly account for environmental ethically today and not in a decades time. Identify specific action today and every day enables brands and businesses to win and be part of the solution and growth in the next decade.


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