The Ideal Solution for Construction Sites Following IAQM Air Quality Monitoring Guidance

Apr 1, 2024 | Blog

If you’re responsible for managing air quality on a construction site in the UK or Ireland, you’re likely familiar with the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) and their comprehensive guidance on monitoring dust and emissions. The IAQM’s “Guidance on Air Quality Monitoring in the Vicinity of Demolition and Construction Sites” has become the go-to resource for construction professionals looking to implement best practices and meet regulatory requirements.

But once you’ve familiarised yourself with the IAQM recommendations, the next challenge is finding a monitoring solution that ticks all the boxes. That’s where EMSOL comes in.

EMSOL offers a state-of-the-art air quality monitoring platform that seems tailor-made for construction sites following the IAQM playbook. Let’s look at a few key reasons why:

1. Real-time, Continuous PM10 Monitoring

The IAQM guidance stresses the importance of real-time, continuous monitoring of PM10 dust (particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter) for medium and high-risk sites. EMSOL’s platform is built around real-time PM10 dust monitoring, with the ability to provide instantaneous alerts when levels exceed customisable thresholds. This empowers site managers to take immediate action to control dust emissions and prevent exceedances.


2. Video Analytics for Source Attribution
The IAQM guidance recommends a combination of air quality monitoring data and visual inspections to effectively manage dust on construction sites. EMSOL brings these two approaches together seamlessly with our innovative video feature.

Our platform not only measures dust levels in real-time but also captures video footage of dust incidents as they happen. This powerful combination provides unparalleled insight into the sources of dust emissions on your site.

No more time-consuming manual inspections or guesswork – EMSOL’s smart video analytics automatically pinpoint the activities or areas responsible for generating dust, giving you the evidence you need to take decisive action.

This empowers you to take targeted, effective action to control dust and meet IAQM best practices. The 2018 IAQM document describes one of the purposes of monitoring as “To help to attribute any high levels of dust to specific activities on site in order that appropriate action may be taken.” (page 7).

Our video analytics feature is a game-changer for construction sites looking to streamline their dust management processes and stay one step ahead of potential issues.


3. Strategic Monitor Placement
The IAQM recommends placing monitors in locations that are representative of sensitive receptor exposure, such as nearby residential areas. EMSOL’s case studies showcase their expertise in working with clients to strategically place sensors in hotspots and areas of concern. They understand that effective monitoring is not just about collecting data, but about collecting the right data to protect public health and manage community relations.

Find out more about how EMSOL has helped sites by reading our case studies. In an example with Quinn Construction, the site was able to directly target suppression measures for dust with their supply chain. Read the story.

4. Proactive Alerts and Action Triggers
The IAQM guidance advises setting action trigger levels for PM10 concentrations to proactively manage dust emissions. EMSOL’s platform is designed with this in mind, allowing users to set custom alert thresholds and receive instant notifications when levels approach or exceed these triggers. This early warning system enables proactive dust control measures to be implemented before exceedances occur, demonstrating a commitment to responsible site management.

“To provide an “alert” system with regard to increased emissions of dust, and a trigger for cessation of site works or application of additional abatement controls”(page 7)


5. Comprehensive Reporting and Compliance
Effective air quality monitoring is not just about collecting data, but also about interpreting and reporting that data to demonstrate compliance and inform decision-making. EMSOL’s platform automatically generates comprehensive reports that align with IAQM recommendations, saving site managers time and ensuring all necessary information is captured. Whether you need to report to local authorities, environmental regulators, or community stakeholders, EMSOL has you covered.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an air quality monitoring solution that aligns with IAQM best practices and sets your construction site up for success, EMSOL is the clear choice. With real-time PM10 monitoring, video analytics for “visual monitoring” and source attribution, strategic sensor placement, proactive alerts, and comprehensive reporting, EMSOL provides everything you need to effectively manage dust emissions, demonstrate compliance, and maintain positive community relations. Find out more, contact us today.

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