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Croydon construction site simplifies approach to air quality

EMSOL is now helping simplify Croydon Council's approach to air quality at the Wandle Road car park development, a 25-storey block of residential flats that will which will bring 128 new homes in central Croydon. The Wandle development is part of a major £5.25bn regeneration programme in the borough that will transform the town centre.
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Croydon Council wanted a simple way to take action on air quality issues at the new development on Wandle Road. They didn’t want the 25-storey block of residential flats that will which will bring 128 new homes in central Croydon to start construction with a negative impact on the local community. However, the team at Croydon was over-stretched and under-resourced. Having worked with the EMSOL system before at Queen’s Square, they knew it could provide specific, granular evidence to support enforcement.

Croydon Council has been at the forefront of investments to manage environmental impact. With EMSOL they knew that they could deliver on their ambition to deliver a clean environment in the borough. Construction sites have long monitored pollution, but with EMSOL the enforcement team has access to real-time, specific evidence about emissions breaches which allows them to pinpoint the problem the moment it becomes a problem, and take specific steps to improve air quality.

Alex Polkington, Principal Network Impact Assessment Engineer, Croydon Council said, “with the old school system of monitoring, you know there is pollution somewhere in the vicinity”. However, with EMSOL, “we can see what the [emissions] breach was, how intensive it was, and where on the site the breach occurred. And that’s critical”.

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About EMSOL – We believe every community has the right to a clean, safe and healthy local environment where air quality is high and noise pollution is minimal. We started EMSOL in 2017 to help our customers take steps every day to make a lasting difference in reducing transport pollution. Our customers across construction, waste, and rail use the EMSOL system every day to inform specific actions for improving the quality of the local environment. This is through targeted air and noise pollution identification which benefits the communities our customers operate in.

The EMSOL team is comprised of business leaders, world-class technology developers and transport experts across fleet, construction, and rail.

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