2 Easy Wins To Start Monitoring Air Quality and Pollution Impact

Dec 14, 2023 | Blog

For many site managers or transport managers, comprehensive air quality monitoring might not seem like a priority when it comes to finalising the budget. Budget constraints are often cited as the number one barrier to getting started.

However, there are creative options to kickstart monitoring in an affordable, low-risk way at any budget level. A pilot program and phased rollout are two simple options to kickstart any project without impacting your budget.


1. Pilot Programs

Pilot programs involve starting out with a small-scale monitoring deployment on one high priority site. This allows you to get hands-on and test out the capabilities before committing to larger investments across your portfolio.

The benefits of an initial pilot go far beyond the immediate cost savings. Pilots provide a low-risk way to experience the technology first-hand. Early successes help secure internal buy-in and budget for scaling monitoring across your sites.

Starting small also allows you to validate the value and demonstrate quick returns. So don’t let initial costs deter you – a pilot program is an affordable way to kickstart your air quality monitoring journey.

EMSOL has worked with several construction firms, local authorities and retailers with small-scale pilot projects in order to test to impact of proactive air quality monitoring on their site. Reach out to see if this could be a good fit for your next project.


2. Phased Rollouts

Phased rollouts take an incremental approach to scaling up monitoring over time across all sites in a portfolio. Rather than a large upfront capital expenditure, costs are distributed gradually in phases.

For example, you may start by rolling monitoring out to 25% of sites in Year 1. Then continue expanding to additional sites over 2-3 phases over the next 12-24 months. 

This allows a lower level of commitment while giving time to gather data, realise benefits, and optimise the projects.

Budgets – both capital and operating – can rise incrementally together with the phased technology expansion. You aren’t forced into major unplanned capital outlays down the line.

The key advantage is balancing startup costs with the ability to scale capabilities in step with business growth. Monitoring can expand seamlessly as new sites are added to portfolios.



Air quality monitoring delivers compelling ROI (see here for how sustainability can boost profitability) but budgets limitations can deter getting started. Pilot programs and phased rollouts are great options to kickstart monitoring at any budget level.

EMSOL experts can explore custom approaches tailored to your specific needs, sites, timeline and budget availability. Contact us to start a conversation on pilots, scaled rollouts or financial options that make sense for your construction sites.

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