Reduce Noise Pollution

EMSOL tells you which deliveries are causing the most noise, in real-time, simplifying noise abatement enforcement.

Read on to learn how.

Reducing noise pollution in an urban environment is hard

All urban businesses require a high performance supply chain to run smoothly, but this generates noise and that’s a major problem for local residents and businesses. Noise abatement efforts are almost impossible because the time between the noise occurring and enforcement occurring are too long to make a direct connection between the noise and the source of the noise. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the sources of the worst noise pollution were easily identified and there was clear evidence for mitigation so that noise pollution went steadily down over time, not up?

That’s EMSOL.

Reducing noise pollution in an urban environment is hard
Reduce noise pollution, don’t just measure it

Reduce noise pollution, don’t just measure it

  • Identifies the source of excessive delivery noise
  • Delivers clear, specific evidence to support enforcement
  • Enables targeted action to reduce delivery noise every day
  • Empowers small noise enforcement teams to have a big impact
  • Improves relationships between business, the local community, and the council by using targeted evidence Unlocks value from existing noise monitoring investments

Modern Cloud-Based
Technology Platform

  • Real-time data ingestion, processing analysis and presentation
  • Flexible dashboards, reports, notifications and alerts
  • Secure data storage and transmission
  • Open to leverage existing data sources
  • Scalable to ensure high performance during peak loads
Modern Cloud-Based Technology Platform​

How does the EMSOL solution work?

Dashboard Devices 02

Cross-site, cross-fleet and cross-authority views based on access rights

Flexible dashboards and real-time notifications
Views available for each sub-contractor, department, or site.

Real-time pollution and asset location data analysis and insights

Integrate third-party data sources

Air 04 2

Air Quality Monitors

Air 05 2

Noise Monitors

Air 06 2

Onboard Vehicle Tracking/ Telematics

Air 07

Other external
Data feeds

How does the EMSOL solution work - noise reduction
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