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EMSOL to Manage Urban Supply Chain Noise Pollution in Collaboration with Cross River Partnership

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EMSOL - Cross River Partnership

Safe, sustainable development is a key priority for healthy cities. But ensuring this is hard, especially with fast-growing, complex urban supply chains. The lockdown has brought quiet streets and cleaner air to those living in cities. We need to protect these gains while also supporting the economic recovery.

Air and noise pollution from the urban supply chain is a crucial issue for any site and its surrounding community. Extending delivery and pickup hours out of peak times is a proven method to ease traffic congestion. However, there is a risk that this will extend the impact of noise and air pollution from vehicles and loading/unloading to the early morning and late evening which will cause significant problems for local communities and incur noise abatement charges.

Working alongside Cross River Partnership, EMSOL will provide monitoring at delivery points to provide insight on when noise pollution has occurred and identify the cause. This will help freight operators, landowners, and local authorities in understanding and ensuring best practice in quiet deliveries. Tied with commitments to best practice such as adopting TfL’s Quiet Deliveries guidance, this can help to provide confidence to residents that deliveries can take place without disturbance and any incidents can be investigated and managed effectively. If you are looking for more information on the problem, we have recently written about noise pollution, the dangers and risks for those affected as well as how to reduce it.

Interested in finding out how EMSOL can help you manage nosie from urban deliveries and supply chain – get in touch.

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