“It’s a weight off my shoulders”

Oct 25, 2023 | Blog

Article from EMSOL CEO, Freddie Talberg.

I was reminded of this truth recently when I spoke to Alex, a site manager at Quinn Construction. Quinn had taken on an incredibly complex project – building right next door to a sleep research facility in central London. One wrong move could bring the wrath of regulators, researchers, and residents alike.

For Alex, the risks were clear – a single noise complaint could shut down his site indefinitely. The usual manual compliance checks and crossed fingers approach wasn’t going to cut it.

As the team chatted with him in the onsite portacabin, Alex spoke passionately about Quinn’s vision – to build responsibly, with care for community and minimal impact. But it wasn’t easy to turn this aspiration into reality on a bustling downtown worksite.

Read the full story on EMSOL and Quinn Construction.


That’s where EMSOL came in.

Our real-time noise and emissions monitoring gave Quinn an intuitive window into their site’s environmental footprint. With instant SMS alerts to any excessive noise, Alex could nip issues in the bud before formal complaints materialised.

But more than just “keeping the regulators off their back,” EMSOL let Quinn truly align construction with community. Alex described proudly sharing EMSOL reports with local groups, showcasing Quinn’s commitment to responsible building.

With EMSOL, Quinn transformed their site from a potential headache into a model of sustainability. But that’s just the start. Because when construction partners with innovation, everybody wins. Communities keep their trust, builders enhance their reputation, and together we build cities that let everyone thrive.


Construction doesn’t have to divide communities.

In recent years, we’ve seen rising tensions between builders and neighborhoods. Projects face backlash as communities fear excessive noise, pollution, and disruption to their daily lives. Both sides retreat to oppositional camps.

But construction isn’t the villain – it’s a vital force for growth in any city or town. The question is how to build cities responsibly, without compromising communities in the process.

That’s why the story of Quinn stood out to me. With EMSOL’s help, they transformed the standard construction headache into a sustainable site that brought people together.

It’s a model for how things could be. A glimpse into a future where innovation aligns construction with community, not against it. Where technology fosters understanding, not resistance.

With the right partners, building can be a creative, collaborative act. It can demonstrate deep respect for peoples’ daily lives. It can show what’s possible when we work together.

The cities of tomorrow will take shape brick by brick. But their foundations rest on how we build today – and who we build for. It’s time for an approach to construction that doesn’t force a choice between growth and community. The technology exists – now it’s up to all of us.


Want to find out more and understand how you could apply EMSOL’s technology to your site? Discover how you can move to proactive pollution management that saves time, stoppages and emissions. Check out the full Quinn Construction Case Study.

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