Is Your Pollution Monitoring Stuck In the Past

Nov 18, 2023 | Blog

Is Your Pollution Monitoring Technology Stuck in the Past? Are you Missing Out on the Latest Emissions Monitoring Innovation?

It’s no secret that technology evolves at a rapid pace. This is true even for emissions monitoring tech. In the last 2-3 years alone there have been some noticeable advances in emissions monitoring technology that you should be paying attention to.

Many companies that invested in monitoring technology a few years ago may now be basing their environmental strategy and planning on data from legacy solutions that lack the latest enhancements. The result? You aren’t getting the insights you need to tackle pollution.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the most impactful features that you want to ensure your emissions monitoring tech has. We’ll also explore scenarios where upgrading outdated technology can have a great return on your investment by delivering increased efficiency and compliance.


What You Might Be Missing

Can you identify issues early before exceeding thresholds?

  • Old school monitoring relied on infrequent spot checks, lagging indicators, or only seeing the problem days or weeks after it happened. Exceedances often went unnoticed until regulators stepped in
  • New solutions provide instant alerts empowering teams to respond proactively before crossing thresholds.


Are you able to pinpoint the root causes of pollution like vehicle types?

  • Legacy monitoring produced general pollution data lacking insights into specific sources. You know on Tuesday at 10:13am there was a spike in emissions but not why.
  • Leading solutions now use AI-enabled cameras to identify and attribute sources from an idling truck to dust on your site.


Will the solution help streamline compliance with automated reporting?

  • You have access to lots of data, too much data even! Manually collecting all of it is time consuming and it takes away time from other tasks.
  • Modern platforms automate reporting and documentation with custom insights.


Can you unlock insights on supply chain impacts?

  • Blindspots previously existed around supplier vehicle contributions to pollution.
  • Advanced analytics spotlight supply chain impacts and alert a certain fleet is on site and causing issues


How Next Gen Monitoring Can Help

Let’s explore a case where upgrading monitoring technology could have made the difference on a construction site:

Without real-time particulate matter alerts, a site unknowingly exceeded thresholds for over 3 hours. It was only picked up later causing paperwork and confusion over what the cause might have been, and time spent dealing with the Local Authority. The right technology could have provided alerts within minutes, allowing the site to intervene before breaching limits.


So What Now?

With advancements in monitoring technology, you may find it is worth reevaluating what is out there. While current monitoring may have ticked the boxes you need years ago, there are innovations that can take the value of monitoring to the next level!

EMSOL’s experts can discuss the latest innovations tailored to your specific sites and needs! Are you interested in meeting internal targets? Regulatory compliance? Or mitigating health concerns? Contact us for a personalised demo and assessment of how upgrading technology could take your emissions monitoring capabilities to the next level. Don’t leave insights on the table.

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