Building Next to a Sleep Lab with Zero Noise Complaints

Discover how Quinn ensured a quiet sleep for their neighbours and kept their project running smoothly with zero complaints and zero stoppages.

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The EMSOL Difference

“It’s a weight off my shoulders knowing we’ll be notified immediately if guidelines are exceeded.”

Alex Butt, Site Manager, Quinn

Zero noise complaints. Zero work stoppages.
That’s the remarkable result Quinn Construction achieved when faced with building next to a noise-sensitive sleep lab. Partnering with EMSOL, Quinn implemented:

  • Real-time noise and emissions monitoring for complete visibility into site pollution (NO2, PM, noise etc)
  • Instant alerts for rapid response to potential issues before formal complaints could materialise.
  • Smart cameras to identify, evidence, and address pollution.
  • Fully automated and managed reporting for regulatory compliance

The outcome? No disruptions, seamless regulatory compliance, and ideal community relations.

See how EMSOL empowers firms like Quinn to get ahead of pollution risks with proactive monitoring and instant insight into issues. Then rapidly respond before small problems become huge headaches.

Quinn Case Study

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