ULEZ – are you ready for it?

London in the hot weather

It can be easy to get yourself stuck in a bubble, and be shocked that many people are not aware of what you are aware of. It seems that everyone who is anyone in air quality circles has been talking about the imminent introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London. Yet, amazingly to us at least, one in five people still do not know about the zone that is due to go live on Monday.

The overwhelming majority of people who we have spoken to in the fleet and local authority sectors know all about the ULEZ, and have made plans for it. When there is a charge of £12.50 for vans, and up to £100 for HGVs, it does tend to focus the mind somewhat. But if you are one of those who have yet to consider the ULEZ and its impact on your business, here are a few quick tips for you.

Check the zone. The first phase of the zone only covers Central London, and will be expanded to all Inner London Boroughs in 2021. If you do not know whether where you are going is in the ULEZ, Transport for London have created a tool that allows you to check whether the postcode of your destination is in the zone.

Check whether your vehicle(s) are subject to the charge. Again, TfL have been really helpful on this. Just put in the registration number of your vehicle to check.

Check the exemptions. If you pay a residents congestion charge, or if you meet new emissions standards, then you may be exempt from the charge. A full list of the exemptions can be found on the TfL website.

Doing these simple things should go a long way, and help you to do your bit to make London a less polluted city.