Making delivery easier

It’s another week, and there is another air quality story suggesting what actions local authorities should take to protect the most vulnerable groups in our society. This week, Public Health England suggested that idling should be banned outside of schools. With such a juicy headline, no wonder the media picked it up.

Whilst that got the headlines, it is worthwhile noting that this is not the only measure they have recommended. Increasing the uptake of low emission vehicles, and using the planning system to reduce exposure to pollution from local industry and agriculture. The report is an excellent summary of the interventions that are already available for local authorities to deliver now.

But if delivering these initiatives was easy, we would all be doing it, right? Some local authorities are doing great work, such as the City of London, but they are the exception as opposed to the rule. There is the willingness to do things, but doing things is not easy.

Through our work in Croydon, we have learned quite how much easier our monitoring solution can actually make things. Having the data to make the relevant management decisions to route vehicles and monitor breaches is a major hurdle, that is overcome by our solution. No wonder we have been shortlisted as one of the top 10 Clean Tech Businesses selected to pitch at the Mayor of London’s TechInvest Clean Tech Showcase.

Doing things to tackle air pollution in our cities, such as the actions suggested by Public Health England, is not easy. But we can help you make it easier. So why not drop us a line?