It’s coming…

Data at your fingertips

Over the last few months, EMSOL has been working hard on its trial sites and behind the scenes to get our new air quality monitoring platform up and running. Now, after many hours of trialling, testing, improving, and doing the cycle all over again, our product is ready for launch.

By integrating our new platform with our sensor network as deployed in the likes of Croydon, this product will give you insight on your fleet emissions that will enable you to make effective managerial decisions. With the Ultra Low Emission Zone being implemented this week, all of the focus is on air pollution, and that is only likely to get more acute over the coming years. So our product is your opportunity to get ahead of the game.

We will be releasing some details of the product over the coming few days to whet your appetite. But if you are a freight operator or local council, and you cannot wait, then please let us know now.