Simplifying air and noise pollution management, control, attribution and reduction.

Politicians, the media and the public agree that emissions reductions is a top priority of our time and with roughly 27 percent of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions produced by the transportation sector, a real world impact can be made by logistics firms that are committed to improving their sustainability.

Calls for action from all stakeholders means sustainability within the logistics industry has risen to the top of company agendas, with most firms pledging improvement commitments – but managing pollution and evidencing progress is complicated, expensive and a drain on resources.

EMSOL are working with big brand names such as Ceva Logistics to simplify pollution management. We bring to the top of the enormous data pile the pollution events of significance, providing insight and reporting on the effectiveness of mitigations taken so you can focus resources and go on to evidence your real-world emissions improvements.


Calling time on pollution

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Greenwashing Hasn’t Gone Away

Greenwashing Hasn’t Gone Away

From wildfires and heat waves to storms, torrential rain and landslides, environmental issues are top of mind for most. Individuals, investors, and even regulators are now, more than ever, holding businesses to a higher degree of accountability and demanding...

Smart Waste Cities

Smart Waste Cities

Local authorities are under pressure from residents to control the emissions levels of these  facilities that are often embedded within urban communities. The businesses that own the problem are keen to manage emissions and minimise the impact of their operations but...