£5.3 Million in Air Quality Funding – How Your Borough Can Secure This Vital Investment

Nov 22, 2023 | Blog

Improving air quality has become an urgent priority for cities around the world. In London, the Mayor’s Office has made substantial investments to support local boroughs in reducing emissions through the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund (MAQF).

With the latest round of MAQF funding amounting to £5.3 million, this presents a vital opportunity for boroughs to secure financing for impactful air quality improvement projects.

In this post, we’ll cover what you need to know about the MAQF. Read on to maximise your chances of securing funding for your borough. The deadline is January 19, 2024 so its important to select the project you are going to apply for.


Eligibility and Requirements

The MAQF is open to all London boroughs, either individually or jointly. There are several categories of eligible projects, such as low emission neighborhoods, actions to reduce PM2.5, and green infrastructure initiatives.


Application Criteria and Evaluation

The MAQF applications are evaluated based on clear scoring criteria, with priority given to projects demonstrating considerable emissions reduction potential. This includes referring to a problem/opportunity that is backed by evidence. Having a defined project deliverables and outputs. Outlining the missions reduction potential. And identifying the goal you wish to achieve.


Developing an Impactful Proposal

To develop a proposal that scores highly, you need to think strategically about location, interventions, and emissions reduction impact.

  • Prioritise locations with high pollution levels and inequalities.
  • Propose interventions that are known to effectively improve air quality, like low emission zones, green infrastructure, and congestion charges.
  • Quantify the emissions reduction potential of your project using modelling, forecasts, and data analysis.


Following MAQF criteria while leveraging innovative monitoring tools like EMSOL will set your borough up for success in this competitive funding round. Reach out if you need any guidance strengthening your project proposal!

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