EMSOL has been selected by ReLondon as a potential circular construction solution

EMSOL has been selected to join ReLondon’s Meet the Cities event as part of their cohort of innovators, demonstrating circular construction solutions.

The ReLondon Meet the Cities event will be attended by both City of London and Westminster City Council. Both these councils have been refining a responsible approach to procurement and considering climate implications in all decision-making. This includes incorporating more low-carbon, circular SMEs into their construction supply chains.

To support these ambitions, the Meet the Cities event will bring together representatives from both local authorities’ departments and their suppliers, with innovative, circular SMEs.

EMSOL was selected for its ability to support pollution reduction and aspects of the circular economy. In particular, EMSOL aims to enable businesses to identify the source of pollution, this can include any site depot or construction site. Our platform allows proactive and accurate identification of pollution, allowing users to easily take real-time proactive action to address pollution ahead of a breach.

As many freight choices cannot be met by zero-emission vehicles today, our aim is to help businesses reduce their overall emissions impact today by managing the contractors and all on-site plant machinery and vehicles. Creating a framework of evidence-based data to improve pollution and achieve and maintain net-zero emissions.