Webinar: Improving Air Quality in Construction

Event Overview
Construction is vital to the economy but exciting new developments should not negatively impact the local community. This is even more true with the recent COVID-19 pandemic which requires more urgent thinking on air quality’s link to respiratory health.

An extremely small increase in particulate pollution is associated with a 15% increase in the COVID-19 death rate (Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health). Solutions are needed that drive real-world improvements every day for workforce and public health and well-being, while benefiting a company’s reputation.

The session will cover air quality data collected from a five way collaboration effort between MACE, Hansons, the LSE, LSE student body and EMSOL during the build-phase of the Paul Marshall Building.

You will learn:

  • What solutions are available to reduce workforce and public exposure to poor air quality?
  • How can the construction industry make targeted improvements by pin-pointing problems the moment they appear?
  • Learn from experience with data collected from LSE project
  • Key stakeholders from local authorities, construction companies, and industry experts will share their view on the challenges and possible solutions to improving air quality.

The event is aimed at anyone working in local authorities and construction who is concerned about the effects of poor air quality. It will provide actionable insight to those responsible for the environment, sustainability, or health and safety.

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