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EMSOL enables organisations to take targeted action on transport pollution 

Innovation and sustainability are knocking on your door

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Innovation and sustainability are knocking on your door

What have you done for the environment today? Maybe you’ve separated the waste. Or you’ve taken public transportation to get to work. These are little actions that, believe it or not, add up.

But the climate emergency, the environmental crisis, the urgency, in short, to ensure a tomorrow for the generations to come, forces us to redouble our efforts. 

So we propose a win-win solution: invest in a sustainable future.

How does EMSOL see that future? A clean environment for all communities and cities that improve the quality of life for their citizens.

But this scenario is not possible if the foundations are not built on strong environmental, social and governance (ESG). ESGs are one framework that businesses are committing to, tying loans to, and using to affirm their sustainable commitments.

Society demands commitment, it wants to change, and that calls for disruptive and innovative models that represent a turning point. 

Why EMSOL is a sustainable investment and with a future

Surely you’ve heard about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Basically, they are 17 aims that seek to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. 

SDGs are attracting more and more interest. And not only in governments or society. It’ s a trend also shown by companies or investors looking to diversify their portfolio. Why? Because they are a response to that big demand for change and innovation which we referred to earlier. 

No one wishes to live on a polluted planet where climate change is a continuous threat and inequality prevails. At least, it is not the best way to ensure a healthy economy.

So, what’s the alternative? To Invest sustainably through enabling initiatives that are looking to drive forward SDGs and environmental goals.

Which SDGs benefit from EMSOL activity?

Our mission and our business model contribute, in particular, to three Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Good Health and Well-Being (Goal 3), because our aim is to reduce noise and air pollution caused by transport through our disruptive technology. These emissions cause around 40,000 premature deaths per year in the UK and we have a solution that works to help reduce this figure.
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal 11), because cities are the nerve centres of countries, where ideas emerge and knowledge finds a favourable environment to grow. But cities cannot grow in isolation. They have to exchange goods, resources and human capital with their immediate environment and other cities. And they must do so within the framework of a decarbonized economy. That is why at EMSOL we have focused our attention on freight, construction and rail, three key verticals that must reduce their emissions of particulate matter and NOx.
  • Climate Action (Goal 13), because the air pollution and the greenhouse effect that warms the planet have a common origin: the current energy model based on the burning of fossil fuels. The CO2 generated by internal combustion engines is not harmful to human health, but it is one of the main greenhouse gases that lead to climate change.

These days, the environment and informed investments go hand-in-hand. It’s a great way to leave a sustainable footprint, don’t you think?

If you want to find out more, or even join us in our crowdfunding.

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LSE selects EMSOL to Improve Air Quality.

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