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  • Q. What does EMSOL do?

  • Q. We've got Euro VI engine vehicles, so why should we use EMSOL?

  • Q. As a driver does EMSOL spy on me?

  • Q. Why is there a camera?

  • Q. Does EMSOL track vehicle location?

  • Q. Our vehicles have GPS and tracking, why do we need EMSOL tags?

  • Q. If my vehicle is involved in a pollution incident, what happens next?

  • Q. Engine idling is already captured by telematics systems so why capture it by using EMSOL?

  • Q. As a responsible client for goods and servicing, I require my suppliers to use low emissions vehicles, so why should I use EMSOL?

  • Q. As a responsible client, I see the benefit of getting deliveries to come early in the morning and late at night to avoid congestion, how can EMSOL help?

  • Q. I use a mobile app to measure noise, why do I need EMSOL?

  • Q) FORS G2 and S2 only require me to record emissions from fuel/distance, why use EMSOL?

  • Q. My Depot is in the middle of an industrial estate so I don’t receive any complaints. Why use EMSOL?

  • Q. Can EMSOL help with G8 Staff travel?

  • Q. Can EMSOL help with M9 complaints?

  • Q. Can EMSOL help with FORS Gold standard G9 contracted Services?

  • A. EMSOL identifies pollution events and shows nearby vehicles that might be responsible. It provides information early enough to avoid breaches of EU air pollution or HSE noise thresholds that could result in company fines.

  • A. Unfortunately just having a Euro VI vehicle doesn't mean it produces compliant emissions. When engines are cold or when there is a maintenance issue, more harmful emissions are released. EMSOL helps spot this happening.

  • A. EMSOL shows if the vehicle you are driving was involved in a pollution event. That information is shown to your fleet manager. So EMSOL does increase the information available to fleet managers, but we believe professional drivers won’t see this as spying.

  • A. For security, CCTV cameras cover most of our yard, but these are not linked to EMSOL so we need a separate camera to catch untagged vehicles that might be responsible for pollution events. The camera is there to make sure our tagged vehicles are not held responsible for pollution caused by other vehicles. Please don't move the camera to look at the sky as this might mean your vehicle is wrongly thought to be the cause of pollution!

  • A. Yes, EMSOL tracks vehicle positions, but only close to EMSOL’s sensors in the yard. The system can’t track outside the yard. This allows EMSOL to match vehicles to pollution events recorded by the air quality sensor.

  • A. Having a tag means the EMSOL system doesn’t need to get access to the vehicle’s telematics data streams, making it more independent. Also, in some situations, the error on GPS locations can be more than the length of a vehicle, so when two vehicles are close to the sensor and GPS is used to locate them, it is difficult to sure which vehicle is closer, because of the potential GPS error.

  • A. Often pollution events are caused when vehicles need attention or when there are lots of vehicles present. Calling the vehicle in for maintenance or rescheduling activity are the actions most likely to reduce recurrence.

  • A. EMSOL provides actual emissions caused by idling whereas telematics records the occurrence of idling. This helps to identify what the impact of the idling is.

  • A. As you’ve paid for low emissions vehicles, EMSOL can make sure you know if you are not getting deliveries made by low emissions vehicles.

  • A. EMSOL monitors noise and is able to see if the deliveries to your premises are done quietly. This helps you be a good neighbour and keep the council Environmental Health team happy.

  • A. Staff would need to take the phone out to switch on the app before getting any records whereas EMSOL continually monitors. A mobile app would be difficult to use to refute noise complaints. EMSOL helps respond to complaints about noise quickly (FORS Standard V5 Bronze M9), and help protect against H&S complaints of working in a noisy environment (FORS Standard V5 Bronze M8).

  • A. Emsol gives accurate real-world data (FORS Silver S2 and Gold G2 Performance data) - Shows if anti-idling policies (FORS Bronxe O2) are being followed - Measures impact of initiatives in (FORS Silver S3) - Provide evidence of sustainable operations (FORS Gold G6) - Allows you to monitor the performance of contracted Services (FORS Silver S) and subcontracted fleets (FORS GoldG9)

  • A. EMSOL allows you to provide ongoing noise levels of operational equipment at specific locations. Helps with evidence requirements of FORS Silver S7 Noise pollution and can also be used as performance data evidence (Gold G2) and evidence of sustainable operations (Gold G6)

  • A. EMSOL would allow you to tag employee vehicles and put a sensor at the car park to measure emissions and Noise from those vehicles. This allows the company to identify polluting vehicles and the action to decrease any breaches. - This will also help with (Gold G2) performance data and (Gold G6) Sustainable Operation

  • A. EMSOL helps enable complaints about Emissions and Noise to be accessed very quickly (within 10 days as required by M9)

  • A. By tagging up contracted vehicles, EMSOL can provide details of the performance of their fleet. Also provides evidence of idling (O2) bronze requirement

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