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Did your friend recently run the London Marathon? Has your sister finished that sponsored walk? We all get inundated with requests to dip into our pockets, so knowing where and when to do so can be challenging because for most of us, the pocket isn’t infinite. Let me be clear about one thing, EMSOL is not a charity. We are backed with funding from the government and some pretty dedicated angel investors but we are a business not a charity, which is why our cause is different to the rest.

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EMSOL is asking for funds to help us address toxic air quality in our urban environments, but in return you’ll get an equity investment which offers you the opportunity to actually make money whilst supporting a good cause. Sounds good?

We work with big brands like John Lewis, MACE, the NHS and HS2 to monitor site and transport pollution, providing insights to enable air pollution mitigation in real time. That’s what sets us apart from our competitors, we’re proactive not reactive and can predict when levels are nearing limits to stop the issue before it occurs.

We’ve spent the last 5 years developing our product and platform and we’re now ready to scale, but need the funds to do this. Our vision is to create healthy communities and our mission is to work with companies to take air quality action in real time, every single day. Any support you could offer to our business will truly have a real world impact, and let’s not forget you’ll have equity in EMSOL too!

Please visit our Seedrs crowdfunding campaign where you’ll find more details on EMSOL, our team, key financials and of course the chance to invest from £10 and become part of our pollution revolution!


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