How can you improve sustainability across your supply chain?

Oct 11, 2021 | Blog, Brochure, Guides

Sustainability is no longer just about saving the planet. For savvy retailers, it’s become a major opportunity to stand out from the competition and drive top and bottom line growth.

But talk is cheap – and consumers are fed up with empty green promises.

To back up your eco commitments and maximize the business benefits, you need hard evidence. You need data.

Inside our free guide, discover how leading retailers are taking a data-driven approach to sustainability to. Check out this free report.

Win Customer Loyalty & Sales Growth
66% of consumers say sustainability influences their shopping habits. But 49% believe most sustainability claims are dubious. By tracking and showcasing measurable emissions reductions across your operations, you can prove your green credentials – winning business from eco-conscious shoppers.

Save Hours Managing Community Complaints
With stores embedded in neighborhoods, retailers often field complaints about noise and air pollution. Without real-time data, these issues drain resources and hurt community relations. Our solution lets you instantly pinpoint pollution sources, take rapid action, and provide evidence to rebuild trust.

Take Control of Supply Chain Emissions
As much as 94% of emissions for retailers come from indirect Scope 3 sources like deliveries. But cleaning up your extended supply chain is tough when you lack visibility. Our tech tracks granular emissions data across your logistics activities, so you can identify problem areas, engage suppliers, and drive down end-to-end footprint.

Hit Net Zero and Sustainability Targets
Ambitious goals like net zero require understanding where and how emissions are happening. Yet many retailers lack the insights needed to make a real dent. Our solution attributes pollution to specific vehicles and drivers, enabling targeted interventions that demonstrably inch you towards validated science-based targets.

And much more…

Retail White Paper

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With regulation ramping up, and competitors touting eco credentials, retailers need to back up their green goals with hard proof.

Our free guide details a data-driven approach to sustainability that pays back in reputation, sales growth, operational efficiency and beyond.

Discover inside:

  • Real-life examples of leading retailers using emission tracking to transform their business
  • Step-by-step blueprint for kicking off your own sustainability data strategy
  • Pitfalls to avoid when implementing new measurement technologies
  • The future of sustainability and how retailers can stay ahead

And much more.

Ready to turn sustainability into competitive advantage? Unlock the power of data-driven decisions across your operations.

Download our complimentary guide now and get ahead on the only sustainability metric that matters – business results. The planet and your customers will thank you.

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