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EMSOL wins innovation award

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EMSOL wins award

It has recently been announced that EMSOL has won the title of the ‘Most Innovative Transport Air Pollution Solution‘ in the 2022 UK Transport Awards. Accolades like this bring credibility to the EMSOL brand and our solution, plus our customers and partners love to hear that our innovative work is being recognised, we aren’t the only ones working hard to improve air quality in our urban environments! This is another incredible award to add to the clout EMSOL has already achieved to date and the exposure from these events and awards gives us the chance to boost our reach and allows EMSOL to be discussed in new circles creating new opportunities.  As transport is the biggest source of air and noise pollution in the UK, being named as the ‘Most Innovative Transport Air Pollution Solution’ will help us to engage with the industry even further. 

Are you looking for a transport or site-based emissions control solution? Why not take a moment to find out how we worked with the John Lewis Partnership to manage and reduce supply chain emissions? Download the report HERE or email the sales team for more information sales@emsol.io

Air Pollution Award

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