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World Environment Day 2021

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World Environment Day on the 5th June 2021 is a chance to remind people about the importance of protecting our environment. The chosen theme for this year is Ecosystem Restoration and Pakistan is the host country.

World Environment Day, organised by the United Nations, aims to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection.  The first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1974, and since then it has become a chance for countries to increase the visibility of environmental issues and pledge to protect and improve the environment. 

The United Nations uses the day to shine a light on pressing environmental concerns and invites world leaders, businesses, governments, and citizens to take action to create a legacy of action and educational awareness. 

What is this year’s theme?

This year’s theme relates to Ecosystem Restoration.  Ecosystem Restoration includes concerted efforts to restore our ecosystem and can take many forms including:

  • – Cleaning up our coastlines
  • – Planting trees
  • – Planning for greener cities
  • – Reducing single-use plastic


Globally, losses to our ecosystem have resulted in some catastrophic results.  We have lost almost 50% of the coral reefs already and the predictions are that up to 90% of the reefs could be lost by 2050 if we do not take action.  Damage to our ecosystem is also causing a spike in greenhouse gas emissions which have increased every year for the past few years.  

The focus theme of this year’s World Environment Day theme of Ecosystem Restoration is based on the key concepts of reimagine, recreate and restore.  The United Nations is keen for nations to propose and implement national and local changes that are impactful and meaningful.

This year is definitely a critical milestone for the environment.  Not only is the world slowly emerging from a global pandemic, but in October the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity will take place where global leaders will decide on the new Global Biodiversity Framework. The new framework aims to set environmental goals for world leaders and to promote the global biodiversity agenda.

The restoration of our ecosystems is not only a responsibility for those in power, everyone can play a part.  Everyday choices and actions at the individual and the collective level can positively impact our ecosystems and work towards reversing some of the damage that has been caused.  Ecosystems exist in global, national, and local communities, and we all need to take steps that can help improve our damaged ecosystems.  

As individuals and communities, we are all connected to nature, and our lives depend on clean air and diverse ecosystems. 

Things You Can Do On World Environment Day

You can celebrate World Environment Day with your friends and family by doing some of the following:

  • – Make a commitment to recycle
  • – Volunteer with a local sustainability organisation 
  • – Plant a tree or even a small plant
  • – Cook a dinner that is environmentally friendly 
  • – Pledge not to use your car for the day/week
  • – Organise a local litter pick
  • – Change your diet for the day by going vegan
  • – Invest in reusable straws 
  • – Watch a documentary about the environment and sustainability


If you do celebrate World Environment Day remember to post your efforts on social media to raise awareness and inspire others to do the same. Some hashtag suggestions are #WorldEnvironmentDay, #RestoreOurEcosystem, #earthday, #gogreen, #savetheenvironment.

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