Webinar: Improving Air Quality in Logistics

Freight is at the heart of the economy, delivering vital goods and services to people and companies. This is even more true with recent COVID-19 pandemic necessitating 300-500% increases in regional deliveries. The impact is felt in urban, suburban and rural areas with mega supply depots located across the UK. Since 2010, London’s streets alone have seen a 20% rise in the number of goods vehicles contributing to poor air quality and congestion. Solutions are needed that drive real-world improvements every day for workforce and public health and well-being, while benefiting company reputation.

This session will cover:

– What solutions are available to reduce workforce and public exposure to poor air quality?

– How can the logistics industry make targeted improvements by pin-pointing problems the moment they appear?

– How improved air quality can help people’s lungs be less susceptible to COVID-19 and help people’s lungs recover from COVID-19.

– Shifting from simply monitoring air quality to improving air quality through targeted actions

– Learn from experience with data collected from a year long partnership with the Corporation of London monitoring at a depot hub in the heart of London.

– Key stakeholders from local authorities, fleet operators, and industry experts will share their view on the challenges and possible solutions.

The event is aimed at anyone working in logistics/delivery/depot who is concerned about the negative impacts of poor air quality. It will provide actionable insight to those responsible for fleet, facilities management, environment, sustainability, or health and safety.

You can register to join the event – here.

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