Waste Management Case Study

Powerday ‘wastes’ no time reducing pollution

In a UK first, Powerday are using leading edge, innovative technology to proactively reduce air and noise pollution at one of their waste management facilities on Weir Road, London.

Change is so often driven to save an organisation money, to facilitate legal requirements or for some other direct benefit. Very few organisations exist where the reason to drive change is to reduce the impact on the environment or communities they work in, but one such organisation leading the way is Powerday.

Partnering with Merton Council in an initiative to improve air and noise quality in the Weir Road area of London, Powerday have been using innovative air and noise pollution management technology from EMSOL at their site. The motivation for adopting such technology? Simply to ensure the impact of their operations is minimal on the environment and the surrounding community.

Powerday were already proactively trying to control their pollution output, with measures such as a high powered jet wash system to dampen road surfaces (reducing dust spread) but they needed help identifying other root causes of pollution at the site in real time and EMSOL’s technology was installed to do exactly that.

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