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The team needed to build new air quality solutions

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Team discussion

Collaboration and cooperation across the private and public sectors is critical to tackling the air quality issues faced by our cities. That is why we are pleased to be at the heart of a collaborative project, with a forward-thinking local authority and engagement with a team of leading transport, air quality, and technical experts.

This project is a feasibility study, focussing on developing, testing, and refining the business model to support the air pollution monitoring and management platform that we are building, as well as developing our understanding of the full extent of the potential market for the product. Our main collaborator is the City of London Corporation. They are one of the leading UK local authorities in tackling air pollution, and who experience significant air pollution issues on their streets.

What we bring to the party is the build of the technical solution. This includes developing the analysis platform, dashboards, reports, and the integration with our sensor, and telematics partners.

To the end customer, this will be a performance dashboard and all-in-one service offering. This allows you to monitor the performance of your fleet and individual vehicles (or that of your contractors) in real time. Such an offering is currently not available in the market-place.

To the technical among you, this means building a system with an application that is unique in tackling a major challenge that our cities face. This is full stack platform development, with hardware integration with a variety of third party and open data sources. With the aim of providing a clean, user-friendly interface.

The feedback that Emsol has had from engagement with industry and local authorities is that they like our idea, they like the concept, and the technical solution being developed. The disruptive potential of this solution is making positive waves already through our early engagement.

With the City of London Corporation, we will be targeting two of their depot sites, starting at Wallbrook Wharf. The Corporation’s own fleet, and that of at least one major refuse fleet contractor, will be set up on the platform. We will also engage with FORS-accredited operators to further refine our offer. And with a potential market of 4 million commercial vehicles in the UK, it is one full of potential.

As well as the technical solution that we are building, where we will be adding value in this Feasibility Study with a strong delivery team. One that impressed Innovate UK enough to part with sought-after government funding to part-fund the work. This team includes;

  • Entreprenuerial leadership provided by Freddie Talberg, who brings this experience from fleet management through his previous business Pie Mapping (acquired by DPD), and adds it to his personal passion to tackle air quality issues
  • Transport and Freight Expertise provided by Steve Steele, who used to head up the Transport for London Freight Unit. He is the creator of FORS, wrote the London Freight Strategy, and has extensive experience in the commercial marketplace for freight
  • A collaborative customer partner in the City of London Corporation, who as well as providing us with their valuable time, will help us to access operational sites, access to fleets and contractors, and to put the good word out about the product that we are creating
  • Air quality sensor & location tracking engineers with extensive experience in applying such sensors and tracking technology in an outdoor setting, for operations in all weathers
  • Feasibility study authors with experience in transport policy, operations, emissions, business case development, and importantly in building world-class customer-centric propositions

This project is due to last for 7 months, and we will be sharing the results of it publicly. But we are keen to augment our highly motivated team and client base with the expertise that will help us to build our platform, and make EMSOL a market leader. The expertise that we seek includes:

  1. A recruitment scout / talent guru. You will seek out the best talent, find people who will contribute to our culture and can grow with us, who want to make a difference and build their career in the work of fast growth tech and customer service innovation.
  2. An experienced and brilliant Chief Technology Officer. You will support the founding partners with the product architecture, running and building our development team, as well as handling the R&D and product development, i.e. the analytics and reporting engine.
  3. A Project Manager. This will pull together all the tasks and actions within the product development and business management to ensure the whole team knows every week the key focus. Being a hands-on person with experience in software development sprints and product roadmap management is vital.
  4. A part time dedicated Designer. We need this designer to drive high standards in our product designs, our customer interfacing and our professional look and feel right across the whole business.  We are a design led business after all.

We are also seeking interns (full or part-time) in a number of roles. These include a Marketing and Communications Manager, Technical Engineers (field and product), Air Quality Sensor Engineers, and admin to all thing sales and start-up. You will be working with experience entrepreneurial creators and helping out in these areas, growing to a position of responsibility and accountability. All you need to be is ambitious, passionate, energetic and happy to get stuck in!.  

If what we are doing is of interest to you and you want to get involved, then please get in touch.

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