The CO2nstructZero Aims: Bridging the Gap Between Carbon and Pollution Reduction

May 22, 2024 | Blog

In the race to combat climate change, the construction industry is taking bold steps towards a net zero future. The Construction Leadership Council’s CO2nstructZero initiative is leading the charge, uniting industry giants like Network Rail, Mott Macdonald, National Highways, ISG, and Mace in a collaborative effort to drive down carbon emissions.

At EMSOL, we recognise the importance of this mission and align closely with our work to develop innovative tools to reduce pollution.


The Co-Benefits of Pollution Reduction

While CO2nstructZero primarily focuses on carbon reduction, many of the strategies it promotes also yield significant air quality benefits. By encouraging the adoption of zero emission vehicles, optimised logistics, and low carbon materials, the initiative is not only tackling global greenhouse gas emissions but also mitigating local pollution impacts.

EMSOL’s real-time emissions monitoring platform empowers construction firms to pinpoint and address the root causes of air and noise pollution on their sites. In doing so, our technology enables clients to make measurable progress on both local environmental quality and carbon reduction goals. By providing actionable insights to reduce polluting activities, EMSOL helps the sector achieve the co-benefits of cleaner air and lower carbon emissions.


Why Is Pollution Important?

You might ask, isn’t reducing carbon the most important challenge? Unfortunately, the construction industry is a major source of air pollution, second only to road transport in the UK. According to a report from Impact on Urban Health and the Centre for Low Emission Construction, construction is responsible for 18% of large particle pollution, with this figure rising to 30% in London.

This pollution, primarily consisting of PM10 particles, poses significant health risks, particularly to vulnerable populations. Despite 97% of construction workers acknowledging the critical importance of air quality, there is widespread frustration over the lack of effective policies and actions to address this issue.


Expanding the Sustainability Focus

As the construction industry rallies around the net zero mission, there is an opportunity to broaden the scope of sustainability efforts beyond carbon alone. Local air and noise pollution from construction activities can have severe impacts on public health and quality of life in surrounding communities. 

We want to raise awareness about the importance of a holistic approach to emissions reduction – one that addresses both global greenhouse gases and local pollutants. By quantifying the air quality improvements achieved through the EMSOL platform and the resulting carbon reductions, we can demonstrate the interconnectedness of these sustainability goals.


Advocating for Comprehensive Emissions Reduction

As an innovator in the emissions monitoring space, EMSOL is well-positioned to champion a more comprehensive approach to construction sustainability for those looking at the CO2nstructZero initiative. We believe that by targeting both carbon and local pollution in tandem, the industry can amplify its positive impact on the environment and society.

As we align our efforts with the Construction Leadership Council and those partners of CO2nstructZero, we invite forward-thinking firms to join us in embracing a comprehensive approach to sustainability. Together, we can build a cleaner, healthier future for our planet and communities.

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