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The EMSOL platform is open, so it can take particulate and gas emission data from an existing installation as long as your monitors can capture readings in real-time.
The EMSOL platform is open, so it can take asset location data from your existing systems, to unlock value from existing investments. Alternatively, we can provide an asset location solution that’s the best fit for your needs. Our hardware is inexpensive, long-lasting and easy to move as needed.

Very. Your data is stored in the EMSOL cloud infrastructure. Only whitelisted IP addresses can access the data, and access to the infrastructure is secured by strong encrypted key-based authentication.

Very. When you use EMSOL, all data transmission happens over TLS secured channels to provide end-to-end security. Plain text information isn’t being transmitted at any point, including transmission channels between internal services and components.

During deployment, we set access rights for EMSOL that define exactly who can log into the platform. Different users can see different views depending on those access rights.

For instance, your site manager could have visibility over all assets on one site while the fleet manager has visibility over all fleet vehicles over many sites and the local authority could have visibility over all sites within their local remit.

EMSOL is device-agnostic and cloud-based so you can access the platform on whichever device is convenient.

The platform can also send real-time alerts when emissions breaches happen, like sending a push notification to assessment professionals’ mobile.

The problem with existing monitoring installations is that they’re unspecific and retrospective, so they can’t pinpoint an exact breach in an exact asset or vehicle, the moment it happens. So monitoring teams can’t immediately take action.

EMSOL’s different because it creates a digital twin of your physical landscape, to give you precise, real-time information you can act on.

Because EMSOL provides continuous monitoring, it also offers an early warning system so you can pre-empt and avoid breaches before they happen.

Yes, EMSOL works across as many sites and assets as you need. You can configure EMSOL to show multiple sites from one dashboard, to give you a simple, single view.

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The EMSOL Lab is based at Unit 55, Battersea Business Centre 99-109 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5QL.

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