Managing Supply Chain Pollution | TaaS Technology Event 2021 Presentation

Oct 11, 2021 | News, Webinars

How can businesses manage risk from pollution and find simple ways to take action and reduce their impact?

This presentation was given during the TaaS Technology Event in October 2021.

In the short 15 minute presentation Freddie Talberg dives into the real cost of air pollution, firstly the well known impact on health but also how we should expect to see this priced into the cost of doing business. This is especially true for the transport supply chain which has a big impact on urban air quality.

He also explores the results from EMSOL’s report with King’s College London assessing factors influencing preference for green delivery.

EMSOL provides businesses with real-time, specific, actionable evidence on pollution so they can pinpoint the problem the moment it becomes a problem, and take specific steps every day to improve air quality.

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