Key to Driving Adoption of Sustainability Solutions in Your Organisation

Dec 15, 2023 | Blog

Getting Your Team Onboard with New Air Quality Solutions

Implementing any new solution in your organisation requires getting stakeholders aligned. And air quality monitoring tech is no exception, especially if you haven’t used monitoring tech for air and noise quality before, or are opting for a more advanced solution. It’s good to understand how to get your new sustainability solution across the line. Without buy-in across your company, even tools that might offer you clear benefit can still get rejected.

So how do you drive adoption? It starts with engaging the right people across functions. Here are some tips:


Get Executives on Your Side

Make a compelling business case to executive leadership about the ROI – whether it’s risk reduction, improved operations, or meeting the sustainability goals that the company has outlined. Speak their language. Help them see how monitoring ties to strategic priorities.

A recent EY report showed that companies acting on climate change were able to realise above-expected returns, with 69% saying that financial value from climate change initiatives exceeds their expectations.

The team at EMSOL can help prepare a c-suite summary for you to share. First ask yourself what senior leadership’s key strategic objectives are so we can tailor the information accurately.


Bring Site Operations Onboard

The people actually using the technology day-to-day need to be excited about it too. Show site managers how instant alerts make their jobs easier and more proactive. It is worth emphasising how it is a time-saver, not a burden. Unlike other systems that require you to wade through data, EMSOL can save time on managing pollution. All the while helping to avoid time consuming community complaints by arming those on site with proactive alerts.

Highlight how EMSOL’s technology can help them stay compliant, address issues rapidly, and keep sites running smoothly. Allowing them to get on with their main job. They’ll quickly see the benefits.


Partner with Sustainability Teams

Your sustainability team should be natural allies. Loop them in early to align on shared goals around emissions reductions and sustainability KPIs. Demonstrate how monitoring that attributes the cause really powers the team to track progress on commitments and even take action.


Collaborate with Procurement

Procurement plays a key role during vendor evaluations. Include them from the start rather than as an afterthought. Provide specs and requirements to inform internal procurement processes. Evaluate options together.

Position monitoring as a strategic investment that connects with sustainability targets, regulatory compliance and protecting the organisation’s reputation, not just another vendor. Offer to streamline their procurement workload by providing comparisons and assessments. The EMSOL team can also help ensure you have access to whatever data you need to speed along the procurement process.


Ready to Go

A smooth adoption requires tailored training for different user groups. To help ensure they are set up for success the EMSOL team is on hand to offer demos, quick start guides, and ongoing support.

Once you are onboard with EMSOL, keep track of results like improved response times to pollution spikes, reduced pollution etc – it is always good to celebrate wins across the company. This maintains engagement and momentum – plus people love a good news story around sustainability.

Getting your team’s buy-in takes work. But take the time to engage across functions, and your monitoring initiative will gain traction. With stakeholders aligned, you have the ingredients for successful adoption.


At EMSOL, we recognise that driving adoption of new technology takes more than just installing sensors. We partner with organisations that “give a damn” and want to take action against pollution. We love joining the fight against pollution. Our onboarding includes training and ongoing support to ensure user adoption. 

If overcoming internal alignment challenges has delayed your air quality monitoring initiatives, contact us. EMSOL’s team of experts can advise on best practices for getting stakeholder buy-in – just reach out. We’ll ensure your organisation is fully on board, so you can start leveraging powerful new visibility tools to their full potential. With the right engagement strategy, you can gain organisation-wide traction.


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