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How EMSOL can support your ESG goals?

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Sustainability is becoming an ever more integral part of how businesses function. Whereas sustainability used to be chiefly a marketing strategy for brands, businesses must now radically change the way they do things if they are to deal with the growing climate crisis. Moreover, consumers now expect brands to respect the environment: Capgemini found that 79% of consumers are changing their purchase preferences based on sustainability. Equally important, Deloitte found that 28% of consumers have stopped buying certain products due to ethical or environmental concerns. Businesses now face serious revenue threats if they do not keep pace with environmental standards and consumer expectations.

In response to this, investors have been increasingly using ‘ESG’ factors to assess the companies they invest in. ‘ESG’ stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It is mostly used within the finance community, and sets the standards for a company’s operations as a screen for potential investments. On the environment side, this means a company has considered its influence on the environment and their ability to mitigate various risks that could cause harm.

ESG funds are no longer ‘nice to have’. By 2025, PWC expects the number of ESG funds – those which assess companies by ESG criteria alongside standard financial metrics – to outnumber conventional funds. With this in mind, businesses now have a real opportunity to secure both more funding and more revenue if they improve their environmental performance.

This is where EMSOL comes in. EMSOL can help companies drastically improve the ‘E’ in ‘ESG’ by taking steps to reduce air pollution. Air pollution is one of the biggest causes of death in the world, with some 7 million people dying every year. As far as environmental problems go, it is a key global priority alongside net zero targets and waste production. As stakeholders place more importance on ESG metrics to evaluate companies, businesses must tackle this problem head on.

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EMSOL’s platform allows businesses and governments to actionably reduce air pollution. Our system allows you to identify the causes of air pollution in real time and make changes to improve local air quality. EMSOL facilitates science based evidencing for compliance and moving forward, this is an important part of the clean air picture for cities and a vital aspect of the ESG picture. Learn more about how our company can help you deliver on your ESG performance by emailing us at sales@emsol.io  or take a look at our Investment Page for details of Equity Investment opportunities available at EMSOL here.

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