EMSOL Presents “Beyond Air Quality Monitoring” at Emissions & Air Quality Smart Class 2024

May 3, 2024 | Blog

The Emissions & Air Quality Smart Class 2024 event, held at Greencoat Place in London, brought together a diverse group of professionals, including representatives from local councils, construction companies, air quality consultants, public health organisations, and environmental charities. The event provided a platform for attendees to share their experiences, challenges, and solutions in the fight against air pollution.

Against this backdrop, EMSOL’s Founder & CEO, Freddie Talberg, delivered a presentation titled “Beyond Air Quality Monitoring.” Freddie’s presentation shed light on the shortcomings of relying exclusively on average air quality measurements for WHO compliance. While averages provide a general overview, they often fail to capture the true impact of pollution spikes and can mask the effectiveness of policy changes. This is where EMSOL’s cutting-edge technology comes into play.

EMSOL’s innovative platform harnesses the power of advanced sensors, computer vision, and AI analytics to provide businesses with real-time insights into the sources of air and noise pollution on their sites. By identifying pollution spikes and pinpointing the top contributors to emissions, EMSOL empowers organizations to take targeted action and drive significant reductions in pollution levels.

Freddie showcased the success of EMSOL’s approach through compelling case studies, including a project with Merton Council. By deploying EMSOL’s technology across three waste management centers, Merton Council achieved a remarkable 46% decrease in peak PM2.5 levels and implemented crucial operational improvements.


The presentation underscored the vital role of collaboration and data-driven insights in effectively combating air pollution. EMSOL’s advanced technology equips businesses with actionable information, enabling them to make informed decisions and implement targeted interventions. By moving beyond conventional air quality monitoring, EMSOL is at the forefront of driving positive change and creating cleaner, healthier communities.

For those who missed the event or wish to revisit Freddie’s insightful presentation, EMSOL invites you to download the slides using the link provided. Discover how EMSOL’s smart approach to air quality management can help your organisation take proactive steps towards reducing pollution and contributing to a greener future.

Download Freddie’s Presentation: “Beyond Air Quality Monitoring”

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