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Established in 2017, EMSOL’s mission is to help our customers take steps every day to make a lasting difference in reducing transport pollution. As a data focused business, our online dashboard platform enables companies to proactively take air quality action.

Senior Management Team


Freddie Talberg

Founder and CEO
Experienced founder and entrepreneur, with a long history of establishing and scaling businesses across the technology sector. These include transport, smart cities, and mapping. Freddie previously founded Pie Mapping, an award winning transport, data and mapping SaaS venture. Acquired by DPD UK.

Etienne Smith

Etienne is the Venture Director for MOHARA with 7 years of experience as an innovation consultant, lead developer, programme manager and venture CTO.

Jules Ratcliffe

Jules is an investor and operator working with European technology companies both in consultant and CFO/COO capacities. He founded Vertex Partners in 2010 to advise high growth tech companies on strategy and finance with a view to rapid scaling. With Vertex he has facilitated over £100m in debt and equity transactions and has supported management teams in delivering high quality, market-defining products.

Charles Watson

Watson is a proven Sales and Marketing executive with over 25 years experience developing and managing results oriented, customer-focused and revenue driven tech sales and marketing teams. He has deep experience in enterprise IOT, SaaS and Analytics.
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Liz Allison

People and Culture
With 15 years HR experience in start up, SME and multi-national businesses, Liz has helped a number of entrepreneurial tech companies achieve their people goals. Having worked with a number high growth businesses from inception through to multi-million pound exits, Liz enjoys the fast paced, ever changing world of entrepreneurship and the rewards it brings.
Ben Marston Rydings Blackwhite 150×150

Ben Marston-Rydings

Ben is a skilled engineer and Project Manager with experience in large, global companies as well as smaller businesses. He has experience in service delivery and hardware and software development. Most recently he has been working in management roles in technology and IoT startups.

Helping our customers take steps every day to make a lasting difference in reducing transport pollution.



Steve Steele

Freight & Town Planning Expert
Steve has over 30 years experience in the transport sector, half of which he specialised in freight and logistics in London. Steve established the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and the Construction Logistics Plan approach both widespread across the UK and included in EU freight best practice.

Marcus Mayers

Rail & Station Innovation Expert
Marcus has been in the rail systems & industry since 1997 crewing & dispatch assistant on Eurostar. He is a world recognised rail expert specialised in innovation within the rail sector.

Steven Leo

Highways & Construction Expert
Steven has thirty-four years as proven civil engineering BID manager and programme lead on major infrastructure projects.

Our Team

We’re building a team of like-minded individuals who not only want to drive results, but are also genuinely passionate about our product and the positive effect it will have on the environment. We’re down-to-earth, friendly, and enjoy having every member of our small team contribute to our success. We look for trusted partners who will thrive in the flexible but focused culture of our autonomously structured organisation.

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Innovation and Design

We are driven by innovation and design and will continually strive to build a great business through creativity and curiosity.

Transparency and Efficiency

We are transparent and open with how we run our business. We make mistakes, share them and learn from them, all while keeping the business lean and focused.

Customer Focus

We keep our customers always in mind and welcome feedback, from building new functions to perfecting the user interface. Our goal is to continually delight our customers.

Team Empowerment

We are genuinely passionate about empowering our team members, whether it’s ensuring everyone has a voice in the business or providing new opportunities to learn and grow.

Career Opportunities

There are no vacancies right now.

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