EMSOL Use Cases

Use Case FORS - Maintaining and upgrading FORS accreditation

  • Goal - To improve fleet environmental performance to increase success of FORS audits.
  • Trigger - Operators need to deliver major improvements to their operational efficiency or risk losing accreditation and eventually potential contracts.
  • Primary Actor - Fleet Compliance Manager
  • Stakeholders & Interests - Fleet Manager, ORS Auditors
  • Technology - EMSOL locators, air quality and noise sensors
  • Frequency - 5000 FORS companies operating 130,000-plus vehicles
  • Installing EMSOL air quality and noise sensors and vehicle locators at depots and main delivery locations enables Fleet Managers to monitor air and noise pollution levels where their fleet operates and demonstrates the success of anti-idling policies. This provides before and after data to evidence the impact of environmental improvements which helps with FORS Silver and Gold accreditation and makes a great case study demonstrating sustainability of fleet operations for GOLD. By extending EMSOL to tag contracted fleets and service providers, EMSOL shows how well their anti-idling policies are followed in practice.




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