EMSOL Use Cases

Reducing risk of employee illness and company liability – SHEQ Manager

  • Goal - Innovation
  • Trigger - When an organisation has in inhouse fleet, has contracted a fleet or runs a contracted fleet
  • Primary Actor - SHEQ Manager
  • Stakeholders & Interests - Employees, Passers-by, Suppliers’ Transport Manager
  • Technology - EMSOL locators, air quality and noise sensors deployed at building delivery points
  • Frequency - C.85% of fleets operated on behalf of council’s are contracted out
  • EMSOL noise and air quality sensors and vehicle locators are installed at fleet depots and other locations where employees are exposed to emissions from fleet vehicles. This provides real-world evidence 24/7 to check the environmental performance showing that emissions are managed within Workplace Health and Wellbeing thresholds. Giving confidence that Workplace Health and Wellbeing is being managed effectively, protecting the company from future compensation claims made by employees. It can also be used to enable any noise, or emissions employee complaints to be quickly investigated.




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