EMSOL Use Cases

Reducing a building’s transport environmental impact - Facilities Manager

  • Goal - Reduce the impact of delivery activity at loading areas
  • Trigger - When employees and passers-by could be affected by emissions from a building’s delivery activity
  • Primary Actor - Facilities Manager
  • Stakeholders & Interests - Employees, passers-by, Procurement teams, suppliers’ Transport Manager
  • Technology - EMSOL locators, air quality and noise sensors deployed at fleet depots and frequently visited locations
  • Frequency - C.10% of C.650,000 business in London have heavily used loading areas near employees or passers-by
  • EMSOL noise and air quality sensors and vehicle locators are installed at the building’s delivery areas where employees or passers-by are exposed to emissions from fleet vehicles. This provides real-world evidence 24/7 to check the environmental performance of suppliers by monitoring vehicle activity against short duration pollution events. This gives the opportunity to include Service Level Agreements or specific vehicle requirements in contracts for goods and servicing such as vehicles must operate in EV mode when near the delivery point. It can also be used to enable any noise, or emissions employee complaints to be quickly investigated.




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