EMSOL Use Cases

Helping secure planning permission - Developer

  • Goal - Secure planning permission quickly without need for Developers Contribution towards Construction Logistics Plan or air quality/noise monitoring
  • Trigger - When develop wishes to secure planning permission for site £1m+ build value
  • Primary Actor - Senior Developer
  • Stakeholders & Interests - Development Control Officer, Pollution Monitoring Officer, Main Contractor
  • Technology - EMSOL locators, air quality and noise sensors at site, holding areas and on agreed access routes
  • Frequency - C.1000 construction sites in London with build value over £1m
  • The Senior Developer suggest to the Development Control Officer that the site will use a system like EMSOL to deploy air quality and noise sensors and vehicle locators to provide independently gathered real-world evidence 24/7 of the site’s compliance with the most frequently used CLP requirements including Non-Road Mobile Machinery. This provides confirmation to the Planning Authority and Site management of CLP compliance at a glance, saving time and money. The requirement for this monitoring and reporting will be included in the contract to be undertaken by the Main Contractor.




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