Product Spec

An IOT (Internet of Things) sensor based data analytics lead intervention platform to help reduce transport pollution

Air Quality: Monitoring against EU, Defra, W.H.O standards and EMSOL thresholds sampled every 10 seconds; nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon emissions (CO), ozone (O3), Particulate Matter (PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10,)

Noise: Sampling every second, 20Hz-12.5kHz, dbA

Location: Antennas recording tagged assets every second
CCTV Camera: Live recording to detect un-tagged vehicles


Vehicles, Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) and other tagged assets are tracked in real-time
Quick tag attachment to vehicle windscreen 3-year tag battery life

60m+ line of sight tag tracking distance (near to antenna only)
View historic vehicle movements of vehicles passing near the sensor

Easy upload of fleet information; VRN, make, body, and class
Automatic data capture on total time on-site, number of visits in total, and the % of breaches


Data Transmission encrypted cellular data transfer to EMSOLs fully secured cloud service.

Real-time web access available with weekly, monthly and annual reports



The Location Dashboard provides an overall picture of Air Quality and noise for staff health and wellbeing and monitors fleet operator performance. The dashboard identifies specific vehicles (and operators) associated with pollution events.

The Fleet Dashboard allows the fleet manager to identify vehicles most often associated with pollution events at multiple locations highlighting the need for action or providing evidence of good environmental performance.

The Local Authority Dashboard overview of compliance with planning requirements at                                                                            multiple construction sites, showing real-time data to mitigate transport emissions





 Site Requirements:

  • 110v/220v external power supply
  • 3.5m high fixing point for AQ sensor
  • 6m high fixing point for Vehicle tracking sensor
  • Mobile mast is available on request if fixing points are not easily available
  • GSM (mobile phone) connectivity



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