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EMSOL – Air Quality Action

EMSOL empowers organizations to take specific actions for improving the quality of the local environment. This is through targeted air and noise pollution identification which benefits the communities our customers […]

Improving Respiratory Health By Targeting Air And Noise Pollution

By giving innovators and teams the information and the tools necessary to reduce transport pollution, we can help businesses do their part in reducing respiratory health issues and lowering respiratory mortality. With respiratory issues at an all-time high and the threat of another coronavirus peak looming, it’s more important than ever for businesses to take action now.

What’s missing from the Rail Air Quality Strategy Framework?

The RSSB’s recently-released Air Quality Strategy Framework is a huge step in the right direction but something’s missing. EMSOL have been working for months with rail partners to mitigate local emissions and we’ve learned beyond a doubt that monitoring is a crucial first step before taking action, to show real improvements from investment. Here’s what we’re proposing instead, based on what’s worked.

Innovating out of a crisis

Although it may have taken a global pandemic to force the hand of the country, it’s clear that air pollution can be decreased. While the crisis isn’t something we ought to replicate, it is something we can draw experience from.

The post-COVID-19 Challenge

A new study from Harvard suggests that with just a small increase in particulate pollution is associated with a 15% increase in the COVID-19 death rate. Research scientists will likely be kept busy for many years to come as more information comes to light about the impact of pollution on respiratory health.

What impact means to us

The following interview with Freddie Talberg, CEO and co-founder at EMSOL is taken from a discussion with Seedtribe. What is EMSOL’s mission Our mission is to help our customers take […]

EMSOL wins Rushlight Award

EMSOL received the 2019/20 Rushlight Environmental Analysis Award which celebrates the significant achievements in developing the technology, innovation, and methods that underpin the accurate and reliable monitoring and measurement of […]

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