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Webinar on-demand: Improving Air Quality in Construction

In case you couldn’t join us for the webinar or you just wanted to go through all the amazing content again, you can now stream the EMSOL Webinar Improving Air Quality in Construction on demand. You’ll hear from CECA (Civil Engineering Contractors Association), Skanska, and the London School of Economics.

EMSOL becomes a member the Rail Innovation Group

EMSOL are pleased to join as a member of the Rail Innovation Group an independent community with a mission to build the tech ecosystem in rail. The Rail Innovation Group […]

Innovating out of a crisis

Although it may have taken a global pandemic to force the hand of the country, it’s clear that air pollution can be decreased. While the crisis isn’t something we ought to replicate, it is something we can draw experience from.

EMSOL supported in boost for cutting-edge start-ups

EMSOL has successfully secured funding as part of a £40 million government investment in start-ups to drive forward new technological advances. The scheme was developed in order to promote “innovations borne out of the coronavirus crisis while supporting the UK’s next generation of cutting-edge start-ups’.

EMSOL in The News: Business Leader

Business Leader recently spoke to Freddie Talberg, CEO of EMSOL, to discuss how his firm is tackling the UK’s air pollution problems during the coronavirus pandemic.

Back to work… but not back to normal

It’s fair to say that the impacts of the lockdown on air quality have been noticeable, with air pollution levels falling significantly across many cities. But now the ‘big return’ […]

Innovation and sustainability are knocking on your door

Innovation and sustainability are knocking on your door What have you done for the environment today? Maybe you’ve separated the waste. Or you’ve taken public transportation to get to work. […]

Webinar: Improving Air Quality in Construction

Event Overview Construction is vital to the economy but exciting new developments should not negatively impact the local community. This is even more true with the recent COVID-19 pandemic which […]

EMSOL in The News: International Railway Journal

Countries around the world have reported significant drops in air pollution since implementing coronavirus restrictions. It’s our chance to make a lasting difference, writes Freddie Talberg, CEO and co-founder of EMSOL.

Webinar on-demand: Improving Air Quality in Logistics

In case you couldn’t join us for the webinar or you just wanted to go through all the amazing content again, you can now stream the EMSOL Webinar Improving Air […]

EMSOL in The News: Railway Technology

Data analytics company EMSOL has been working with Network Rail to monitor air quality in train stations and come up with a strategy to bring down pollution around them. The project could largely benefit patients recovering from COVID-19 as well as people with respiratory issues, who are highly exposed to poor air quality in busy areas.

Earth Day 2020 – Our Challenge

Earth Day is more important than ever this year because through a global crisis we have seen unprecedented air quality improvements. Our challenge is – How do we rapidly restart the global economy in a more sustainable, better way.

The post-COVID-19 Challenge

A new study from Harvard suggests that with just a small increase in particulate pollution is associated with a 15% increase in the COVID-19 death rate. Research scientists will likely be kept busy for many years to come as more information comes to light about the impact of pollution on respiratory health.

EMSOL in The News: Real Business

Countries around the world have reported significant drops in air pollution since implementing coronavirus restrictions. It’s our chance to make a lasting difference, writes Freddie Talberg, CEO and co-founder of EMSOL.

EMSOL in The News: Environmental Technology

EMSOL has developed and brought to market new technology that empowers organisations to act on improving the air quality of their local environment. With this new software, it is the first time that companies and sites can clearly identify vehicles and assets breaching their pollution policies and hold them accountable.

Clean Air Zones – the right solution?

Much has been made of the recent improvements in air quality as a consequence of the movement restrictions from COVID-19. However, these reductions are likely to be temporary as industry […]

EMSOL in The News: Air Quality News

Countries around the world have reported significant drops in air pollution since implementing coronavirus restrictions. It’s our chance to make a lasting difference, writes Freddie Talberg, CEO and co-founder of EMSOL.

Webinar: Improving Air Quality in Logistics

Freight is at the heart of the economy, delivering vital goods and services to people and companies. This is even more true with recent COVID-19 pandemic necessitating 300-500% increases in […]

Clean Air at last – but at what cost

An article from EMSOL CEO and co-founder, Freddie Talberg sharing his thoughts on the current situation with COVID-19.

EMSOL in The News: Business Cloud

Freddie Talberg, co-founder and CEO of EMSOL, says the international market is ripe for environmentally-focused IoT infrastructure

What is the real impact of a zero emission street?

Barely a week goes by without the latest plan or initiative aimed at reducing emissions or reducing levels of air pollution. This coming week will see the latest in this long line, when Beech Street in the City of London becomes one of the first zero emission streets in the country.

EMSOL selected as innovative start-up to tackle Mayor of London’s Civic Innovation Challenge

EMSOL selected as innovative start-up to tackle Mayor of London’s Civic Innovation Challenge EMSOL has been selected as one of the winners of the Transport for London (TfL) Freight Lab […]

EMSOL are crowdfunding

EMSOL empowers organisations to take steps every day to make a lasting difference in reducing transport pollution. Since we began with that mission in 2017, the debate around air pollution […]

Air quality in rail – event annoucement

Leaders in air quality from the rail industry to gather in London for morning of knowledge sharing and debate If you are working to improve the environmental performance of the […]

What impact means to us

The following interview with Freddie Talberg, CEO and co-founder at EMSOL is taken from a discussion with Seedtribe. What is EMSOL’s mission Our mission is to help our customers take […]

EMSOL joins RSSB – Rail Safety and Standards Board

EMSOL has successfully been accepted as a member of the RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board). The RSSB plays a key role in driving forward standards and continuous improvements in […]

Air quality action in Birmingham New Street

Birmingham New Street, operated by Network Rail, has received plenty of attention in the last few years for poor air quality in the station. Working in partnership with EMSOL, Network […]

EMSOL exhibits at the MOVE2020 start-up village

EMSOL exhibited at the MOVE2020 start-up village this week. The show is an important event in the calendar, where key influencers in the disruptive technology and innovation space come together to discuss the major city mobility challenges.

Croydon construction site simplifies approach to air quality

EMSOL is now helping simplify Croydon Council’s approach to air quality at the Wandle Road car park development, a 25-storey block of residential flats that will which will bring 128 new homes in central Croydon. The Wandle development is part of a major £5.25bn regeneration programme in the borough that will transform the town centre.

EMSOL wins Rushlight Award

EMSOL received the 2019/20 Rushlight Environmental Analysis Award which celebrates the significant achievements in developing the technology, innovation, and methods that underpin the accurate and reliable monitoring and measurement of […]

8 things your local authority could do today about air quality

Local authorities play a critical role in improving air quality in their local areas. Not only do they have the legal power to actually do things, but they can act […]

Croydon selects EMSOL to reduce construction site emissions

Croydon needed a solution beyond monitoring which would enable them to take targeted action to improve air quality on construction sites. Learn how EMSOL delivers breach evidence attributed to specific vehicles so that Croydon and their partners can reduce emissions.

How to minimise the air quality impact of construction?

A new development can often be one of the most controversial issues that a community can face. With a need to build 300,000 new homes per year plenty of communities […]

Air quality is all the rage

Air quality is all the rage Well, we would say this wouldn’t we? We are an air quality start-up company after all. But we think that it is fair to […]

What the Queens Speech means for air quality in the UK

Amongst all of the furore that is currently enveloping UK politics with elections and Brexit, the UK Government finally its policy proposals from improving air quality in the UK. The most […]

EMSOL monitoring air and noise quality within rail sector

Air and noise quality sensors installed in first of its kind project to take targeted action on pollution and reduce impact. EMSOL and East West Rail Alliance (EWRA) have partnered […]

UK Government announces £2 million of clean air funding for councils, how would you like to get hold of it?

There is no such thing as a free lunch, right? Maybe, but if the Government is offering you some funding to deliver your air quality management project then taking a […]

The case for action

With Extinction Rebellion and climate activists in the news again, it merits revisiting why we believe action is needed. There seems to be happening a lot with air pollution recently. […]

Air quality action through persistence

Barely a week goes by without some sort of environmental protest, it would seem. But last weeks really was something else. If the activists behind the recent climate strike are […]

Should we be worried about air pollution on sunny days?

With the leaves starting to turn a golden brown, it can be easy to forget that summer was barely a few weeks ago. Warm days (and nights) and the feel […]

Banning high-polluting vehicles – is it worth it?

Not a week goes by without some sort of story that proposes a ban on some sort of vehicle as a way of tackling air quality issues. In addition to […]

Rail sector deploys EMSOL platform to understand air quality impact

[For immediate release] Rail sector deploys EMSOL platform to understand air quality impact EMSOL and East-West Rail Alliance (EWRA) are collaborating to deploy the EMSOL platform at Bletchley railway station […]

The railway air quality challenge

Whenever you think of green transport, chances are you will think of the railways. Moving millions of people every day in a way that is less polluting than if they […]

It’s coming…

Over the last few months, EMSOL has been working hard on its trial sites and behind the scenes to get our new air quality monitoring platform up and running. Now, […]

ULEZ – are you ready for it?

It can be easy to get yourself stuck in a bubble, and be shocked that many people are not aware of what you are aware of. It seems that everyone […]

Making delivery easier

It’s another week, and there is another air quality story suggesting what actions local authorities should take to protect the most vulnerable groups in our society. This week, Public Health […]

Bringing the public with you

Having spent much of the earlier part of last week basking in the unseasonably warm weather, we were brought back to Earth with a bump today as we read the […]

New build shouldn’t mean new problems

A new housing development can often be one of the most controversial issues that a community can face. With a need to build 300,000 new homes per year, plenty of […]

Is innovation in environmental protection finally being taken seriously?

There are some news items that genuinely take all of us here at EMSOL by surprise. We had such a news item pop into our inbox this week, with the […]

Let’s talk about buses

It’s fair to say that we are into freight and logistics. Which is understandable given the backgrounds of our founders. But freight and logistics vehicles are not the only large […]

How EMSOL can help local authorities with public health

As those of you who work in local authorities know, many Councils in the UK have a duty to improve the health of local people. Not improve public health as […]

Clean Air Strategy 2019: A load of hot air?

If you have been paying attention to what the UK Government has been doing recently (apart from Brexit), you may have noticed that after a long wait, it managed to […]

What does an electric future mean for EMSOL?

Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking a lot about the impact of Ultra Low Emission Zones on the EMSOL business. But another transport revolution is taking […]

Future Scenarios for ULEZs

As we discussed in our article last week, Ultra-Low Emission Zones are becoming and increasingly-used weapon in the arsenal of local authorities to tackle poor air quality in their area. […]

ULEZs and EMSOL – Are they are threat?

Ultra-Low Emission Zones are becoming an increasingly-used weapon in the arsenal of local authorities seeking to tackle poor air quality in their area. We have discussed these, and our preference […]

What makes EMSOL different?

We have spoken over the last few months about the importance of air quality in our cities, and how local authorities are taking an increasing interest in this space. With […]

Taking stock

As alluded to in our post last week, it has been a crazy time over the last few weeks for us at EMSOL. A lot of people are getting excited […]

Should the right to clean air be law?

Here at EMSOL, we of course believe that everyone should be able to breathe clean air. But this article, discussing whether or not this should be enshrined in law, caused […]

When fluffy is meaningful

Whilst September has been a busy month for us, it is always worthwhile keeping track of what good work is being done in local communities across the UK to improve […]

A strategy for local authority action

It would appear that the Government is finally getting serious on air pollution. Or at least serious on Council’s, who are not doing their bit to tackle air pollution in […]

The power of the customer

Everybody has heard the saying that the customer is always right. It is the perfect summary of the power that customers have over the market, and for those of us […]

Councils as air quality leaders

We have long advocated that local authorities are at the forefront of tackling air quality issues in our cities. Not only do they have the authority to take action, but […]

The case for action

Just when you think the case for something is overwhelming, a bit of evidence appears that makes the issue much more personal. Not personal in a ‘we are doing this […]

Taking action for our children

As parents, there are few things that are more motivating than the well being and health of our children. It is partly the inspiration why we work at EMSOL. Air […]

Every little helps

Keeping up with the latest news in the fields of air and noise pollution is a never-ending task. Not least because the technology sector is now taking an increasing interest […]

A lot of small changes can make a big difference

One the biggest mantras in the environmental movement has been that whilst individually changes to reduce our environmental impact seem small, collectively it makes a big difference. I’m sure many […]

Under the weather?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you can’t help but notice that it has been rather hot in the UK. With temperatures topping […]

Enabling innovation in air quality at a local level

Local Councils across the UK are, in some respects, ideally placed to tackle air quality issues that they face. Unlike some other areas of public service, they have a wide […]

Local Councils as the front line in tackling air pollution

The air quality space at the moment is an exciting one, with policy makers and businesses committing to action. None more-so than at the city level, where cities such as […]

Should we electrify the vehicle fleet?

This week, some research from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association has shown that despite the promise and the hype, there are still some major barriers to the widespread adoption of […]

Why regulation isn’t always the answer

Barely a week goes by without air quality being in the news. What’s been concerning me is how in recent months, much of the media coverage has been about regulation […]

To tackle air quality issues, partnership working is critical

The pollution issues faced cities require collaborative working between a number of partners and actors. This is no different in freight and logistics, where the responsibility for tackling such an […]

We need awesome people to help us fix the most polluted towns in the UK

This week, the World Health Organization published its annual report on air pollution, following new data that it has on how many people are subject to air pollution issues globally. […]

Opportunities posed by major projects

As most of you who live in a major city may know, there are a lot of big construction projects underway. The UK Government’s National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline identifies a […]

Ensuring relevant data and insight for air and noise pollution monitoring

For issues that are now so common when we speak of urban areas, the amount of data that is available to understand both air and noise pollution issues is comparatively […]

Technologies required to enable an ‘Internet of Emissions’

If you ask the average person in the street what Smart Cities and Internet of Things are, chances are you will get a blank face. The Institution of Engineering and […]

The team needed to build new air quality solutions

Collaboration and cooperation across the private and public sectors is critical to tackling the air quality issues faced by our cities. That is why we are pleased to be at […]

What else is needed apart from new technologies?

The transport sector is very much driven by operational requirements and technical capability. Regardless of the issue faced, new technologies and means of operations have featured heavily in the response. […]

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