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Simplifying air, dust and noise pollution management, control, attribution and enforcement

The UK Government has made commitments to reduce the level of emissions throughout the UK to 50% by 2030 and for the UK to be Net Zero by 2050. These are ambitious targets and the responsibility for implementation and evidencing of these targets lies with the Local Authorities and businesses that own the problem.

Air Pollution is a risk to health, one that has been highlighted in the media more than ever recently and means that local businesses and constituents are turning to their Local Authorities to do more to reduce local air pollution levels.

London Local Authority

The problem? Recording, attributing, reducing and reporting emissions is challenging,  complex, time consuming and until now – expensive.

EMSOL is working with Local Authorities to simplify emissions management. We bring to the top of the enormous data pile the pollution events of significance, providing insight and reporting on the effectiveness of mitigations taken so you can focus resources and go on to evidence your real-world emissions improvements.




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